Thursday, November 12, 2015

Exotic shorthair cat eye care: Daily upkeep for those golden eyes

Popoki the exotic shorthair cat in the sunshine
Exotic shorthair cats like Popoki have the most amazing, big, round, colorful eyes. Those eyes were the very first thing I noticed about this sweet cat when I met her in the shelter. And at that time, her eyes needed a lot of help.

Popoki caught a very strong and persistent cold during the few days she spent in the animal shelter, and while she was sick, her eyes were incredibly runny and weepy. And all of the skin around those glorious eyes turned black with moisture and bacteria. When I pulled her little facial folds apart, all of the skin was red and infected.

Popoki's eyes were so bad because of that cold. Now that she has recovered from the cold, her eyes are not nearly as weepy, so her face isn't prone to such severe wetness and bacterial exposure.

But, she still needs daily maintenance. Most exotic shorthairs do.

Popoki the cat has golden eyes

Flat faces and big eyes add up to huge problems. Many cats built like this don't get adequate eye protection when they blink, so their eyes are always a touch on the dry and tacky side. And their eyelid placement can allow tears to run right out of their eye sockets before they have a chance to moisturize vital tissues.

That leads to a cat with dry eyes and a wet face. Not good.

Every night, I dampen a cotton ball with warm water, and I use that to swab out Popoki's little facial folds. Then, I use another cotton ball to dry off her face. And we end the session with a little daub of eye ointment (I use GenTeal Eye Gel). Those steps allow me to clean off her face AND protect her eyes. And it only takes a few minutes to get all of the work done.

I'll say upfront that Popoki doesn't love all of this manipulation. She tends to squirm around just a little bit, and she sometimes tries to hide when she sees that I have all of my cleaning tools in my hands, all ready to go.

But, since I've been doing these steps for her, I've noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of time she spends itching/pawing at her face. And she doesn't have any tear discoloration on her cheeks. So it does seem to work.

Any of you do something special with your cats? I'd love to hear your grooming tips in the comments. Maybe you could teach me a new way to handle this issue. Share with me!

And if you want to see more photos of Popoki, follow her on Instagram! I upload a new shot almost every day. 

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