Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2015 BarkBox Review: Peas and squash just for dogs

Liam with his pea toy from BarkBox
Whenever the 15th of the month comes near, I get a little itchy. I just know our BarkBox is about to arrive, and I also know that the dogs are going to just love what they get. They almost always do. And November was no exception. There's just one little thing about this month that I think could have gone a little smoother...

Here's my review for the November 2015 BarkBox. 

We have two sets of toys in this BarkBox, and Liam is posing nicely with the first little toy. It's a pea pod and peas, made by BarkMade. The shell of this pea pod crinkles and crackles every time the dogs move it, so they've spent a great deal of time crunching on the shell. And every single pea inside of this pod comes out, and there's a squeaker in each pea.

Sinead chews on her pea pod toy from BarkBox
Toys like this are perfect for my dogs, as they tend to fight and squabble over their play options. When one toy can break apart into four different toys, everyone wins. That's great for us.

The other toy is rubberized and full of little cracks and crevices. It's a squash, and it's made by Zee.Dog. While my dogs really like it, I have a few concerns.

The top of this toy has a vent hole, but it would be really easy to block that vent with a glob of peanut butter or string cheese. If that happened, a dog could put his/her whole tongue in there and have trouble getting that tongue out.

This sort of injury can happen in a blink of an eye, and it is not at all uncommon. At least one dog has died from an injury like this that I know of (here's proof, but beware that the photos are graphic). Before giving my dogs this toy, I asked hubby to expand that hole in the top end with our drill. The toy may not be as pretty as it once was, but it is safer. And I've put this toy in the don't-leave-alone pile, so I will remember to pick it up and put it away before I leave the house for any reason.

SInead with her BarkBox squash toy

Now, on to better things.

We had three treat options this month: A bully stick, a pig ear and some tiny treats from Dog 4 Dog. All of these are great. I can use the stick and the ear for dinner parties and car trips, when I need the dogs to be quiet and engaged in something good. And those tiny treats are great for dog walks, as I am working hard to make those sessions more rewarding.

So that's it! Want to try your own BarkBox? Use my code for a discount.

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