Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday selfie: Popoki in her cat bed

Popoki posing for her Sunday cat selfie
Slowly but surely, Popoki is coming out of her shell and spending time with her new pet siblings. That's great for me, as it means I can spend more time with her in rooms that are light-filled and great for photography!

So Popoki gave me a treasure trove of shots for today's Sunday Selfie post, sponsored by The Cat on My Head.

I had thought Popoki would be too nervous to enjoy her time in my writing studio, as she'd be forced to share space with my two dogs that she doesn't know very well at all.

Turns out, Popoki loves dogs, and she's been plopping herself down in bed with no prompting at all.

Popoki the cat in her cat bed and Liam the pug in his dog bed
"He's right behind me, isn't he?"

Exotic shorthair cat Popoki in her cat bed
"This is better. Now I can keep an eye on things."

Popoki the cat sleeping in her cat bed
"Forget it. I think I'll just nap instead."
Can't get enough Popoki? You're in luck! She's on Instagram. I'll be posting a new photo of her every single day of the week. Join us!

And be sure to leave me a comment on this blog, so I'll know who came by. After that, check out some of the other awesome posts this week in the hop!


  1. Popoki, what a beautiful kitty you are. Nice selfies!

  2. Those are some adorable selfies, Popoki :) Pawkisses :) <3

  3. Oh mine goodness! You are a stunner! So nice to meet you. Mom has been looking for a new kitty that looks just like you with those gorgeous eyes. She thinks I need someone to play with. Now we can oooh and awwww looking at your pretty face!

    1. Best of luck on your search! And don't forget the shelters. That's where Popoki came from :)

  4. Welcome to the Sunday selfie blog hop, this is a friendly bunch and we try not to miss anyone (we are jut laaaaate last week *G*)

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver