Monday, December 21, 2015

BarkBox December 2015 review: So many dog toys!

Sinead the Boston terrier with her present toy
I just got done filling Liam and Sinead's Christmas stockings with treats and toys, when our BarkBox for December arrived. So the dogs had a bit of an early holiday this weekend, sampling many of the treats and toys in our shipment that I just couldn't cram into their stockings.

Here's what we liked best.

This present Sinead is posing with up top is pretty amazing. The yellow bow is loose, so Sinead can pick it up and carry this toy pretty easily. I'm happy about that, as many big toys like this don't allow her any purchase. She can't wrap her small mouth around something big like this. The bows are a brilliant idea.

Deep inside this toy is a square block of something that squeaks when it's pressed in just the right way. Liam decided to haul this thing to his bed to try it out.

He spent quite awhile burying this toy in his blankets and digging it back out again, and it stood up to his rough play. So far, I'm a big fan of this thing.

Sinead poses with her sweater dog toy

Next up is this toy shaped just like a sweater. It has a recycled bottle inside, and a squeaker, too. That means this toy makes a ton of different noises when the dogs play with it. And play with it, they did. Something about the wool of the sweater seemed to bring out the wildness in them, and both of these dogs spent most of Saturday in poses like this.

Sinead the Boston terrier is chewing on her toy
Notice that she's gripping this toy with both her paws AND her teeth. Yikes! By the end of the weekend, she had chewed a tiny hole in the bottom of this toy, but it was easy enough to fix with needle and thread. I'm hoping she'll be a little more gentle with this toy in the future!

We also got a ton of different snacks and treats in this shipment. Check it out.

Tons of dog treats

I haven't used any of these little snacks yet, as we're still slogging through other treats at the moment. But it's great to have so many snacks in the larder for the rest of the month. We'll start of 2016 in style!

So that's it! Want to try your own BarkBox? Use my code for a discount.

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  1. I love the idea of the recycled sweater with the bottle inside. Looks like the sweater is felted which I bet makes it extra fun to tug on.

  2. Fantastic review, and PAWsome contents!