Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dog food review: Tasty kibble from Weruva for portly pooches

Liam the pug posing with his bag of Weruva
We've all heard a thousand times that humans gain a pound or two during the holiday season, and most of us don't lose that weight during the rest of the year. I found out recently that the same goes for pets. They gain an equivalent of a human pound during the holiday season, and they don't lose it in time to meet Santa's sleigh the next year.

For dogs like Liam, that are at a great weight now but at risk for weight-related problems with even a slight uptick in pounds, this is a big deal. So I was thankful when the team at Weruva provided me with the opportunity to try out a new kibble for dogs, just in time for the holiday season.

Sinead posing on her bag of dog kibble

Sinead and I went to a seminar to learn more about this food (read the writeup about that here), and I became convinced that this was a good addition to the dogs' daily lifestyle.

Both Liam and Sinead are raw food eaters, but I like to round out their diets with a lunchtime kibble portion. They like the crunch, and the kibble seems to stick with them throughout the afternoon, so they don't pester me for dinner. Plus, kibble makes for great, low-cal training treats.

I've been using Weruva's Caloric Harmony for several weeks now, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Liam's sensitive stomach (which I've been dealing with for years, if this very old blog post is any indication) didn't act up when he started eating this food. And his poops have remained firm, without any excess gas.

Sinead has also enjoyed her little kibble bites, and I'm thankful that the food is appropriate for her small mouth. Many kibble products made for dogs have huge, rock-like bites that she simply can't tolerate. The Weruva kibble is smaller, and it crumbles relatively easily. That means Sinead can eat it without choking.

The big test involves taste. If they don't like the kibble, they won't eat it. And they certainly won't work for it as a treat. As this video makes clear, both Liam and Sinead think this stuff is worth working for.

So I'm a fan. And I'm thankful to Weruva for giving me a sample of the food to try. Liam and Sinead love it!

Disclaimer: I was given a bag of Weruva food to try for this review. That was my only compensation. All opinions and views are my own. Rest assured that I only review products that I think deliver real value to readers. 


  1. you guys are cute! We tried some Weruva fur kitties - purrtee good... Hope you have a very Good Mew Year Weekend.. Katie and the Katz.

  2. Sinead and Liam surely DID like that food! Thank you for sharing about it with us. :)

    Happ New Year!

  3. I like Weruva too. My boys eat raw also but like you, I use kibble for training treats.