Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday cat selfie: Sharing a lap

Sinead the Boston terrier and Popoki the cat share a lap
I work from home, and normally, Sinead the Boston terrier and Popoki the cat take turns sitting on my lap. Sinead usually takes the morning shift, allowing Popoki time to watch the birdies outside the window as they grab their breakfast. In the afternoon, Sinead sits in her bed and plays with her toys, while Popoki settles in for a nap.

It's a peaceful partnership, but last week, Popoki tried something a little different. Rather than waiting for the afternoon to come, she decided to hop right up on top of her dog sister. She seemed so proud of herself that I thought we should do a few selfies.

Popoki and Sinead are both in my lap

Notice that she's booted the little dog to the edge of my lap here. That gives Popoki a better view of the computer screen. As well all know, supervision is vital.

Cat and dog falling asleep

Thankfully, Sinead doesn't seem to mind too much. In fact, I think she sort of liked the extra warmth Popoki's big body brought her.

These photos are part of the Sunday Selfie blog hop series I do most weeks, through the kindness of the wonderful bloggers at The Cat on My Head. And this week, I thought I'd try something new, too.

Every Wednesday, I head out to Willamette Humane Society (I'm a board member as well as a volunteer), and I take snaps of the kitties waiting for homes there. I also write up a blog about their experiences, hopes and dreams. Sometimes, the photos I take look a lot like selfies. And I thought it might be fun to share them here. After all, these cats need homes!

So here's the inaugural share.

This is Ike. He's a 10-year-old Russian blue mix with pretty green eyes. He came into the shelter due to some sort of housing difficulty, and he caught a pretty nasty cold from some of the other residents in the shelter. As a result, he's healing up in a foster home.

Ike the Russian blue cat is waiting for a home

He can be adopted from that foster home, and he has a lot going for him. Ike is friendly with all other cats, and he has a wonderful history of life with dogs. He is litter-box trained, at a healthy weight, and FIV/FELV negative. Ike also is a water cat. He loves, loves, LOVES to splash around in his water dish. It's pretty hilarious.

Willamette Humane Society is in Salem, Oregon. Families will need to contact the shelter in Salem to arrange for a meet-and-greet, and the families will need to fill out the paperwork at the main shelter, too. See more about Ike here. And see my latest blog post full of adoptables (all of whom are in new homes as of this morning--yay!) right here.

Thanks for looking (and sharing!). And do leave me a comment so I'll know you were here.


  1. Ike is beautiful! Hope he finds a home soon!

    1. I absolutely love that cat. Crossing fingers that this week will be his week.

  2. Sinead and Popoki are very cute sharing a lap for their selfies.
    Purrs to Ike that he soon feels better and gets his forever home.

  3. Popoki e Sinead são muito fofos!!
    Vamos ficar com as patas cruzadas para que Ike encontre uma boa família.

  4. That's a lovely Selfie of the two of you :) We hope Ike finds a furrever home soon. He is gorgeous. Good Luck Pawkisses :) <3

    1. Thanks for the note! I'm hoping for the best for Ike this week, too.

  5. We hope you didn't have to get up with those two on your lap. ;)

    1. They trap me at my desk pretty often. It's so hard to boot them off!