Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Sassy pets

Sinead closes her eyes with disappointment
Sinead the Boston terrier has always been a touch on the sassy side. She even seems disappointed when the other pets can't match her sassy level (note the closed eyes when Liam tips his head on command; she is pretty disgusted).

Unfortunately, the other pets seem to be listening to her, and this week, I've had a ton of sassy snaps. Check it out.

Liam the pug looks a little disgusted
A rare look of disgust on Liam's face.
Popoki the cat in a small basket looking unhappy
Popoki doesn't understand why this is funny.
Popoki is glaring at Sinead the Boston terrier
Popoki interrupts this photo shoot to give Sinead the stink eye.
And while they all did their best to mimic and take cues from Sinead, no one can best her stink eye. It's epic!
Sinead gives the best stink eye photographs

That's it for this Wordless Wednesday, courtesy of BlogPaws. Don't forget to leave me a comment, so I'll know you were here! And do visit some of the other blogs in this hop. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Fabulous and sassy poses here. Loving your style. Happy New Year.

  2. OMG the look your french terrier gives the cat...priceless!

  3. Those are clearly "Not Impressed" looks - BOL!

    Happy New Year wishes for lots of treats and happiness to you!


  4. You guys are indeed the sassiest pups!

  5. Sinead gives the PERFECT stink eye. Hahaha! These two are adorable. :)

  6. bwaa hahaha she could give lessons. Of course there is innate talent you can't teach. LeeAnna

  7. Love the one where Popoki interrupts the photo shoot. That happens all the time in this house, too.

  8. Bwahahahaha! Those are some sassy snaps, for sure! Thanks for making us smile. :)

  9. Haha!, they all have cute, sassy holiday attitudes! It's funny, this year Haley's had a bit of an attitude too and even claimed a few presents that weren't hers (which she's never done before). Hmm...something strange is happening, lol!

  10. I’m impressed at that stink eye. I think I get an A+ in stink eye. MOL!

  11. Oh my, that is some very serious stink eye! LOL! I'm glad I found your blog. We love making new blogging friends!

  12. I just love your pictures! Having 2 cat siblings, I can relate to having a cat interrupt a photo shoot ;)
    Happy to have found your blog through the BlogPaws blog hop!