Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Homemade dog treats: A great snack for a wet pooch

Liam the pug is wet from his rainy walk
This morning, the first thing I heard when I woke up (after the snoring of dogs, of course) was the tap-tap of rain on the window. It's a sound I've been hearing quite a lot, as Oregon has entered the rainy part of the year.

Being a born-and-bred Oregonian, I don't mind the rain. I know each drop helps to fuel the green plants coming in the spring. And given the drought conditions in neighboring states, I know we need the rain in order to have a healthy ecosystem.

But the dogs hate, hate, HATE rain.

Two times a day, we head out for dog walks. It's something I believe in, and it's a goal I meet almost every day. But it's hard to get the dogs to feel enthusiastic about a rainy walk. They'll do it, for sure, but they don't enjoy it.

So I like to give them a special surprise when the walk is done. And I have two new tools to help me do just that.

Dog cookbook and dog treat cutter
First up is this cookbook packed with dog treats: Good Treats Cookbook for Dogs. I got it as a gift for Christmas this year, and while I can't guarantee I'll use every single snack in the book, there are some that are real winners. I've been looking for new cookie recipes for awhile now, and this has plenty.

Next is this very cute and clever cookie cutter from Name that Cookie. These heavy-duty cutters come in all sorts of dog shapes and sizes, and the company will put your pup's name on the tool when you order it. Since hubby makes most of the dog cookies in this house, I gave this tool to him for Christmas.

Sinead and her dog cookie
 Clearly the dogs like this gift, too. It looks a lot like Sinead, don't you think?

These cookies are a little too big for the dogs to eat all at once (especially Liam, who shouldn't gain weight this year), but I like the idea of personalized cookies. And, I like serving up treats that aren't loaded with preservatives, colors and other foreign additives. If this cutter prompts more cookie baking episodes, I'm all for it!
Finished dog cookie and cookie cutter
I should mention that I wasn't compensated for this review in any way. But I love the idea of making treats at home and I thought these tools were pretty cool, so I'm just sharing them for reader benefit. However, the link to Amazon in this post is an affiliate link. If you click on them and make a purchase, I'll get a commission.

Do you make treats for your pets on a regular basis? If you do, shoot me a note in the comments! Love to hear about what you do for your fur-kids.


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    1. I have a ton of social sites you can use to follow me, and they're all listed on the "other profiles" page. And stay tuned: In a few weeks, I'm hoping to unveil a weekly newsletter. Just formalizing some details first. Thanks for your interest!

  2. I don't make treats as often as I should. We have a Bake-a-Bone I use.

    1. I've heard that Bake-a-Bone thing is pretty wonderful. I may have to try it.

  3. Although I haven't done so yet, I've always wanted to make homemade treats for my dog. She much prefers soft and chewy treats over hard and crunchy ones, so I've been hoping to find a recipe for something alone these lines. Then it will be up to my cooking skills...

    1. It's really hard to find soft treats made commercially, you're right. Hope you can find a homemade recipe you like!