Monday, January 4, 2016

Instinct + PetSmart = Great raw food options for dogs #MixItUp

Liam the pug is a raw food fan. He's both eaten and adored Instinct raw foods for ages, and I love giving those products to him. But I gotta be honest: In the past, it's been difficult to give raw on a consistent basis. So you can imagine how happy I was to get the nod to review a different type of raw.

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The new product is made by Nature's Variety, and it's called Instinct® Raw Boost® Mixers. Liam and I headed over to our PetSmart store to check out their selection.

Liam the pug waits at PetSmart

We found the display of food right away, and I was thrilled at the selection. We could choose from chicken, beef, lamb, duck and venison. We had a number of different sizes of packages to choose from, and they were located right next to a cooler filled with Instinct frozen patties, so I could pick up a couple of those, too.

Why would I need both? Here's the thing.

Instinct's raw food is designed to be kept in the freezer until a day or so before you choose to feed it. The mixer product is a little different. It's a raw food product, but it doesn't need to be frozen and it can be sprinkled right on top of a traditional raw diet. You can use it like a treat, or you could bring it along when you travel and can't handle the idea of bringing a cooler filled with defrosting patties.

Don't like the idea of traditional raw at all? You can also use this product on straight kibble, and get the benefits of raw sans raw feeding.

Liam waiting near his food at PetSmart

I'm planning to tell you a little more about this product and how it works in a few weeks. But here's a key takeaway for you right now. This product is on the shelves at PetSmart. That means you can get it almost everywhere, at any time. If you run out on vacation and still want a raw product, PetSmart has you covered. I really like that.

And Liam does, too, as he will never turn down a chance to head to PetSmart. After all, there are tons of toys there!

Liam with toys at PetSmart

I picked up a sample of the venison product to try, and I'll be incorporating it into Liam's food over the next few weeks. I'll be back to write a review of it at that time. But in the interim, you can see that Liam thinks this is pretty great stuff.

Liam the pug with kibble mixers

Such big eyes he has, right? I'm excited to start mixing in this product and trying it on Liam. In the interim, if you want to find out more about this product and how to use it, click here. And if you want to get in on the action, PetSmart is selling sample sizes of this mixer product, so you can try it out without a huge commitment. Shop here.

Have you used a raw product before? Leave me a note in the comments. Love to hear from you!

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  1. I love Instinct Raw Boost and what is even better is so do my dogs! It makes feeding raw so easy.

    1. I really like that particular product, especially when I'm traveling! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Great post! Ruby is on a partially raw diet. But she likes variety so we switch things up. One day she is raw and the next day she has some dry kibble with the mixers on top.

    1. That's a great approach! I do that with Liam, too.

  3. Replies
    1. You might like it, especially since your two are so active!

  4. I have never tried raw feeding. I have a cat, but I feed him regular dry food. So far he hasn't had any health issues, but I'm hearing so much about raw that I'm considering giving it a try. Happy New Year!

    1. I used raw with one of my health-troubled cats a few years ago, and he really did well with it. Shiny coat, no more hairballs and very glossy coat. It might be worth a shot! Thanks for the visit.

  5. I have thought about adding a freeze dried raw food to our kibble for a while now. I will check them out, thanks