Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday cat selfie: Maggie finds the perfect sun puddle

Maggie the cat in a sun puddle
In a way, I feel bad for my cats. They find a perfect napping position, in a comfy spot surrounded by the sun, and I come flying at them with my camera clicking away. I'm like the crazy cat paparazzi, always trying to get the perfect shot.

But who can blame me, right? I mean, Maggie looked so sweet in her little chair in the sun puddle. I really could not resist. And I wanted to share her selfies with all of my friends at The Cat On My Head. So we'll call this a nap interrupted--for a good cause!

Maggie the cat in a closeup selfie
I love her little pink nose!
Obligatory belly shot of my cat
Obligatory belly shot.
Maggie the cat is ready to head back to sleep
Ready to go back to sleep.
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  1. Great sun puddle, Maggie! Have a pawsome Sunday.

  2. Sun puddles are the best nap spots!

  3. You are gorgeous Maggie and you look very happy.

  4. Those are lovely selfies in the sun puddle. The sun has been very scarce here but I did manage to get a sun puddle for my selfie too.

  5. Yes, we can see that cutie Maggie would be hard--impossible--to resist! These are all wonderful shots and we're glad we got to see them!

  6. You look so comfy lying in a sun puddle!

  7. Maggie, you sure did find a nice napping spot. And you took some great selfies, too!

  8. Maggie smiles, so I think she liked to be in the spotlight :D Pawkisses :) <3

  9. Oh yes, the pawparazzi is always good for a Nap Interruption, isn't that the truth?
    But the humans say SO WORTH IT!

  10. We all have to deal with the pawparazzi! You get used to it in time ;p You look sweet in your sunpuddle Maggie :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. * grins * Yeah we get that too with Mum. OOh look isn't XX looking CUTE. Some of us milk it for all it's worth!!