Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Popoki the office cat

Popoki the cat in the middle of a stretch
Despite my best efforts, Popoki remains a little leery of my other cats. She seems curious about them, which is an improvement from the days when she was afraid of them, but she isn't quite ready for full integration. That suits her fine, as it means she can come to my writing studio with me every morning.

In her mind, she performs many work-related functions. For this Wordlesss Wednesday, hosted by BlogPaws, I thought I might outline a few of the "services" she provides.

Popoki sitting on my paper and my pen
She makes an excellent paperweight.
Popoki the cat puts her paw on my hand
She keeps me from writing nasty notes to my editors.
Popoki the cat supervises Sinead the Boston terrier
She keeps the dog in line.
Popoki lying on my office chair
She warms my chair when I take breaks.
Popoki the cat sitting on my lap
And she warms my chair when I am in it.
What do you think? Are these valuable services? Does she need a salary? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know.

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  1. Pay her!!! Many worthy duties happening there...

  2. Popoki's services are invaluable! She should be paid whatever she wants. Extra snuggles and snacks, maybe? :)

  3. I think that adorable face needs to be put on payroll, stat! :) She's so sweet looking.

  4. These surely are valuable services! My cat will also heat my keyboard for me :)

  5. Oh yes, those are very important jobs! We imagine she'd be happy to take her salary in food and treats! :)