Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cats and sleep: How your felines could teach you to sleep like a kitty

Popoki in closeup while she is asleep
This week, I've been looking to my cats for sleep inspiration. I need the help. With tax season roaring right up on me, I've been doing more paperwork and math than my poor brain is accustomed to, and worries about Sinead's mast cell tumor surgery and recovery have kept me up on more than one restless night. Per my trusty FitBit, I've been getting about 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night. The app recommends 8 or more.

Now, the cats are under many of the same pressures. They see Sinead in her cone, and they know that something is up with her and her health. And they've had to navigate around the card table in the basement that I'm using to store all my tax stuff. They're under pressure, and yet they still get their sleep every night. And they sleep during the day, too. Even when I'm working.

Popoki the cat sleeping on my desk

How? Wouldn't I like to know. And as much as I've tried to interview them, they're not talking. Now it seems they don't have to.

The awesome folks at 9 Lives pointed me to the cutest website, all about sleep advice as delivered by Morris the Cat. There are some seriously cute videos on this site, and while many of them are simply funny, some come with some decent sleep advice, too.

I watched more than my share of these videos this week when I couldn't sleep. And last week, I shared some spoils from my thank-you for this post with my shelter cat friends. I think Morris would approve.

The shelter cats I tried this food with loved it so much that they were willing to work for it. The only way I got this shot of curious Angel Girl was to lure her close to the camera for a bite of food I had on the end of a craft stick. Worth it, right?

Angel Girl the shelter cat gets close to the camera

Did you know that 9Lives always uses a rescue cat for Morris? And did you know that the company has paired with the ASPCA to feed homeless cats? Just use the hashtag #MorrisFeeds on Twitter, and the company sends out a donation.
So go ahead. Check out these awesome videos on the Live Well & Prospurr website. And then consider adding a few cans of 9Lives to your shopping cart to donate to your local animal shelter. You'll be so glad you did that you'll probably sleep a little better tonight!

Disclaimer: 9Lives sent me cat food and cat toys in return for this post. All of the opinions are my own. Rest assured that I only discuss programs I think provide real value. 

And as an aside, I do not have Sinead's pathology report back yet. When I do, I'll post on this page. I promise!


  1. I could use some sleep lessons from the cats this week as for whatever reasons (I can't find good ones) I am not sleeping well.

  2. I think my motto is 'Don't worry, be... sleepy.' All the best with Sinead. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3