Thursday, February 11, 2016

Show your dog some love on Valentine's day: Tasty dinner ideas

Pug and Boston terrier ready for Valentine's day
The average person spends about $150 on Valentine's day, and most of that money goes to conventional human things like champagne, chocolate and flowers. But the unconventional dog people (and I include myself here, wholeheartedly) plan to spend at least some of our love day allowance on our pets.

On Sunday, Liam and Sinead will get some new toys, some great treats and some extra snuggle time. Given all the stress in this household right now, and Sinead's big surgery coming up on Monday, I figured we could all use a little pampering.

But dogs can't live on treats, snuggles and toys alone. They also need food. And I have a very special treat planned for Sunday's dinner.

Liam the pug whispering in Sinead the Boston terrier's ears
"Did you hear that? We're getting something special!"
A few weeks ago, I got a big box of samples from Evanger's. And I've been saving out a few cans of something special, just for occasions like this. I'm pretty excited about this product. So much so that I am writing a review of the food, even though I wasn't asked to do so.

This product falls under Evanger's grain-free, hand-packed line. These are products made up of very large chunks of meat, packed into cans by hand and then processed to perfection. There's a whole line of flavors to try, including sardines, hunks of beef and chicken thighs. The photos of these meals on the outside of the cans are absolutely mouthwatering. And unlike some other products which have great photos and disappointing contents, Evanger's lives up to its marketing promises. Here's a shot of the stuff at the bottom of the sardines can.

Big chunks of meat from a can of dog food

That's one big chunk of fish on a fork. And if you look closely, you'll see that chunk still has its fins and scales. And the gravy has real bits of peas and carrots.

Some of these products could be used as a daily meal. They're nutritionally complete, easy to digest and super palatable, so serving them up every day would be a snap. But some are made for supplemental feeding only. Those are products best used for a treat or a special meal. And there's one more reason you might use a product like this.

Sinead the Boston terrier with a can of dog food
"We're not going to talk about THAT again, are we?"
Dogs that don't feel well due to surgeries or other illnesses can go off food altogether. When Sinead comes home from her lump removal on Monday, for example, she might not feel like noshing on her dinner. She might hurt a little too much to eat. Really tasty food could tempt her to start snacking again, and that could put her on the road to wellness. So I'm happy to have products like this around the house. You never know when your pup needs a little incentive.

If you want to know a little more about the products in this Evanger's line, click here. You'll find out calorie counts, fat content and a ton more. This website is pretty informative.

But meanwhile, know that the dogs of Welcome to the Menagerie think these meals are awesome. And we're thankful for the opportunity to sample them!

Liam the pug dressed up for valentines day

Disclosure: I was sent samples of this dog food to try, but I wasn't asked to write a review. I did so simply because I like this food so much that I thought others should know about it. Rest assured that I only recommend products that I believe provide real value. This disclosure comes in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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