Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Dogs and daffodils

Liam the pug and his daffodils
Looking at this picture of Liam the pug surrounded by blooming daffodils, you'd have no idea that it's only February. But somehow, spring has arrived about 6 weeks early in Oregon. All of my bulbs have growth on them, and many are blooming.

It's perfect for a Wordless Wednesday post, as hosted by BlogPaws!

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier among the flowers

Both Liam and Sinead felt like getting in on the photo shoot action, although Liam really didn't want to leave his sunny spot behind and come up a little closer to the camera. It may be warmer than it should be, but it's still a little too cold for this pug.

Sinead the Boston terrier wearing a cone standing by flowers

And Sinead had to suffer the indignity of wearing her party hat/cone during the entire photo shoot. She is still recovering from her mast cell tumor surgery, and her doctor wants her to wear that cone almost all the time, until her stitches dissolve or come out. So you'll probably see a lot of cone shots in the future.

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier look unhappy

Why do these two dogs look so unhappy? Because I just reminded them that these flowers, while pretty, are also dangerous for dogs. The Pet Poison Helpline says that daffodil flowers, stems and bulbs are packed with substances that can make little pets pretty sick. So while these flowers are nice to look at, they shouldn't be eaten. I think Liam and Sinead had other plans I am foiling.

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  1. Sinead wears the cone very well! She looks adorable. I can't believe you have all that green and daffodils already.

  2. When my angel Loki had to wear the cone for a bit, I cut out pedals from paper and made him into a flower! He really hated that! We got almost 2 feet of snow yesterday, definitely not spring here!

  3. The cone of successful surgery. You wear it well. The flowers are beautiful. Is it really flower time already?

  4. Cones are never any fun for anyone. But she sure is cute! Your flowers sure are pretty, ours are starting to come up too!

  5. Our flowers are not blooming yet but have started coming up out of the ground. I'm hoping we don't get our usual Easter freeze. It has been a crazy warm winter here.

  6. We had a brief early spring in California, too. Everything is in bloom. I even saw a couple of butterflies over the weekend. But, El Nino is rearing its head again tonight with wind and rain.

    I hope Sinead is healed and out of the cone of shame very soon!

  7. Wow, that's crazy that your daffs are already blooming! Your dogs are so adorable!