Thursday, March 17, 2016

BarkBox March 2016 review: Dog treats and toys with a Sherlock theme

Sinead the Boston terrier chews on a toy
I'm a long-time subscriber to BarkBox. I'm always on the lookout for new dog toys and new dog treats, and this monthly subscription service seemed like a great way to help me up my pet purchasing knowledge, without having to do a whole lot of research.

Over the last few months, the format of the box has made that research a little harder.

At one point, the BarkBox came with stuff from a whole slew of different providers. And the newsletter that came with the box told me a little more about the companies involved. Through BarkBox, I learned about Etta Says and other companies I buy from all the time now. But newer boxes are filled with 90 percent of products made by BarkBox. And the newsletter doesn't say much about the products anymore.

For awhile, I was peevish about that. But this month's selection highlights why BarkBox is still a good value. Let me tell you more.

Liam the pug with his dog toy
This month's box came with two dog toys. One, which Sinead is posing with up top, is shaped a little like a pocketwatch. It has a rope on one end, and a big ball with a squeaker on the other. This is a pretty cool toy that I know the dogs will like to play with.

The other toy Liam is posing with. This little plaid Scottie dog is made with acid-free dyes and the insides are made with recycled plastic bottles. There's a two-way squeaker inside, and it's just the right size for my small dogs.

In theory, I could get toys like this anywhere. But BarkBox stands behind the toy selections. If my big-time chewers mess up these toys, I can get a replacement or a refund. I know my pet store wouldn't do the same. That makes these toys a great value.

Sinead the Boston terrier looking at treats
But there's more than just toys in this box, as Sinead has just discovered (such a sad face in that photo!). Each month, we also get a bunch of different types of treats. And this month, we got some from new suppliers I haven't heard of before.

The first is My Doggy. Apparently, this company was created by a pet owner looking for all-natural treats for her picky pups. The treats we got are small, and they're made with peanut butter. I'm sure the dogs will love these.

The other company is called I'd Rather Be With My Dog. These treats were made for training, so they're small and easy to break apart. And they come with a guarantee, so if the dogs don't like things from this company, I can get my money back.

The final little bit of snack is from the BarkBox company, and it's a slab of jerky. I know the dogs will love that, but I am grateful to have some selections from new and different providers this month. I just hope the dogs like them!

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Thanks for stopping by! Before you go, do leave me a comment. I always love to see what my readers think. And be sure to check back next week. Sinead has her mast cell tumor chemotherapy treatment on Monday, and I'm hoping to have an update for you on Tuesday or so.

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  1. BarkBox sure does sound great. Thank you for sharing about all the neat stuff you got, and how BarkBox really stands behind their products!

  2. Oh I'm so excited about our Bark box this month - the last few stuffed toys were hilarious! Thanks for sharing - and nice to meet you! How is Sinead doing with treatments? I look forward to that post and hope all is well.

    1. Thanks so much for checking on Sinead. I really appreciate it. She's doing really well at the moment, as her surgery scar is almost healed up. But that chemo appointment is Monday (she'll only need one, thankfully), and I'm anticipating some pain and swelling for her. Crossing fingers this gets rid of the cancer for good!

  3. I am not so into the dog treats, Jean, but I like the doggies :) Sending Healing Pawkisses an purrayers to Sinead <3 <3 <3