Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Live bunnies make terrible Easter gifts: Make mine fake!

Liam the pug with a porcelain bunny
We're just a few days away from Easter, and Liam the pug and I are preparing. Over the weekend, we pulled these little porcelain guys out of storage, and we're using them to decorate the house. But the pug and I aren't the only ones who are getting ready for a big holiday. Bunny breeders are on the hop, too.

A quick glance at my local page tells me bunny hobby breeders hope to entice families to add live bunnies to kiddie Easter baskets. If I wanted to, I could pick up a whole pack of bunnies for about $20 per head. And most of these little rabbits are advertised as "great for Easter!"

Liam with a row of fake bunnies

While bunnies might be seasonal, they really don't make great gifts. For one thing, very small rabbits often don't stay small. Some rabbit breeds can grow up to 20 pounds or even more. That means that the little basket you bring the bunny home in could be much too small in a much too short period of time. Also, bunnies are living and breathing creatures that need food, veterinary care, entertainment, companionship and more. They aren't decorations. They are a lot of work.

And a lot of families find that out the hard way. A 2012 study of rabbits in shelters found that more than 77 percent of these creatures were owner surrenders (so they weren't found randomly hopping around the street), and most were surrendered due to an owner's unwillingness or inability to care for them.

That means many bunnies become unwanted bunnies in time. I'd wager many of these unwanted bunnies started out as Easter gifts.

Liam the pug looking up with bunnies at his feet

There's an ongoing campaign called "Make Mine Chocolate" that aims to convince people to replace live bunnies with candy bunnies in Easter baskets. But, this is a dog blog, and we all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

So my counter suggestion: Porcelain bunnies! They're just as cute, they last a long time, and they make for perfect props for Wordless Wednesday posts for BlogPaws!

What do you think? Will you avoid live bunny gifts? Leave me a note and let me know. And do visit the other blogs in the hop. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Absolutely agree. I often look after rabbits and it's easy to see where they were bought as cute little bunnies to keep the kids happy. But the novelty soon wears off and the arguments start about whose turn it is to clean out the hutch. And sometimes there must be deadlock, judging by the smell. Great point too about the size. All captive rabbits in my opinion should have an outdoor run so they can stretch their legs properly.
    Sorry - rant over.
    (Liam looks well concerned in that first photo!)

    1. An outdoor run is a great idea. Thanks for mentioning that. (And Liam isn't as much concerned as he is interested in the cookies I use during my photo shoots. His eyes are wide with hunger!)

  2. So agree! We have two outdoor bunnies, and can't imagine just getting one willy-nilly.

  3. Absolutely agree! My bunny sister Lulu agrees 100%!

  4. You are so right! Bunnies and chicks and ducklings should never be thought of as presents!

  5. Porcelain bunnies is a great idea! And they will last!

  6. Liam seems serious about this bunny stuff! :) We will take chocolates instead! <3 Hope other people will do the same! :D

  7. Totally agree - make it something edible instead.

  8. sadly, most bunnies adopted at Easter don't last the year.. despite having a natural life span of 10 years.. absolutely heartbreaking