Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Live the puglife: How my pug helps me avoid blogger burnout

Liam the pug looking at flowers
Every week, I cruise through animal blog sites, and I read up on what my colleagues are doing, thinking and saying. Many of these sites are strictly pug blogs, but I love me a good cat blog too. If it's about animals and it gets updated frequently, it could be on my pet blog reading list.

But I've noticed a new and disturbing trend.

Many of the sites that I knew and loved are no longer updated on a regular basis. And others that I have just discovered are calling off blogging altogether, simply because they didn't get enough engagement or they didn't feel as though they had anything of import to say.

That, my friend, is burnout. And it's not a problem that's unique to pet bloggers.

Anyone who writes for a living can face a moment in which the words will not come. Anyone can feel as though there is nothing left to say. Anyone can have a crisis of confidence.

The solution? The puglife.

Liam the pug in the flower bed

Liam the pug is my blogging, working and socializing soulmate. Why? Because he really knows how to take care of his mental health. Every day, his schedule consists of:
  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Playing with toys
  • Napping
  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Playing with toys
  • Snuggling with mother
  • Heading to bed

This is a very well-rounded schedule for any living creature. Liam gets his nutrition, his intellectual stimulation, his exercise and his socialization done every single day of his life.

And his day does not consist of:
  • Obsessive worrying
  • Concerns about his body shape or size
  • Demands from a boss he cannot please
  • Fights with people he loves

He has no room for that soul-crushing business. He has plenty of other things to do. Including taking time to smell the roses.

Liam the pug smelling the flowers

Okay, I am being a little simplistic here. I'll admit it. But I do think that our dogs can be great role models for good mental and physical health. They live in the moment, and they get things done. When I feel worried about work or relationships or this blog or any number of other things, I look to Liam for guidance. And when I see his serene little face, it makes me feel better.

Do you think it would work for you? I hope so! I'd love to see everyone keep up with the blog thing. And I'd love to see you at BlogPaws this summer in Phoenix. I'll be there! If you're heading over, drop me a note in the comments! And be sure to visit the other blogs in this BlogPaws hop. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Looking forward to meeting you at BP 2016

  2. I enjoy the Pug Life:) Many of my favourite bloggers have disappeared too, so I keep finding new ones. Some days I think about folding in the towel, but then I wonder what I would do without my blog:)

  3. This is great advice for bloggers and anyone else who needs to tap into the pug life to unwind and live more in the moment. I wish I could make it to Phoenix this year, but I hope to attend next year.

  4. We're glad you have The Pug Life, because we love reading your blog! :)

  5. I've definitely learned many important "don't stress" lessons from my dogs. (I don't always remember to practice what they've taught me, but that's another story...)

    It's a bummer when your bloggy friends stop blogging. Many blogs I used to enjoy and visit all the time have gone dark!

  6. We will be at Blog Paws - I cannot wait to meet you! My first Blog Paws event. :)

  7. I find that this blog hop motivates me to post at least once a week. But I even slacked from that for a few weeks. :(

  8. Sounds like my cat's routine (except for the walking). I couldn't agree more with you - dogs (and Cats) can teach us a lot about relaxing and just enjoying yourself.