Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Cat toys aren't interesting without you

Popoki the cat and her toys
Cat people invest in toys. You'll know when you've walked into a cat-friendly home, as you'll probably step over, trip on or completely crush a wide assortment of mice, balls and pom-poms with each step you take.

My house is like that. I think that cats absolutely need toys in order to lead active and fulfilling lives. Toys remind them to play, so they stay young and whimsical. And toys provide a plethora of exercise opportunities, which most pudgy cats really need.

There's just one problem.

Popoki the cat with a selection of her cat toys

Some cats, including Popoki, will happily sleep with their toys. They might even carry them around from place to place. But these cats can't be persuaded that the stuffed thing you're calling a toy is really a worthy replacement for prey. These toys don't run or scamper or do prey-like things. They just sit.

This is how Popoki will play with her toys if I don't help her. Notice the lack of pouncing and jumping and scampering. She's just lazily batting this thing around.

Popoki the cat batting a cat toy

Even if I try to help, it doesn't always work. Here's a video I shot today. She's playing a little more, granted. But she's not really going wild with the whole play thing.

I think she's humoring me.

Laser toys, string toys, pole toys and battery-operated movement toys are better for cats like this. There's a motion and an activity involved with these toys, so they end up being more stimulating and more amusing. As a result, they get more wear.

But I'll keep the little toys around, just in case. She might decide she really does love them, at some point down the line. And even if she doesn't, they make for good Wordless Wednesday props, right?

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  1. Popoki is so darn cute! ♥ ♥ We had cats before laser lights but we did buy them a remote control car for Christmas. I'll never forget the sales girl told us that we needed to have children! LOL! LOL!

  2. She is so cute! You're right - even if she doesn't play with those little stuffed toys, she sure looks cute sleeping with them. We used to have a beagle who was seriously addicted to the laser light!

    1. Liam the pug goes a little bonkers for the laser light, too. He'll mow Popoki right down, trying to get to it. So we have to enforce separate play sessions :)