Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: No beer for dogs (Even on St. Patrick's Day)

Liam the pug in his green tie
A pug named Liam certainly must celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's his culture! And it's fun. If we humans are celebrating, the dogs must celebrate, too. And Liam even has the perfect little green bow tie to wear to celebrate the season.

But, there's one thing the humans can have that the dogs cannot. That thing: Beer.

As much as I dislike the idea of connecting alcohol over-consumption with the Irish culture (the idea that Irish people were lazy drunks was used repeatedly during the Famine, and it possibly helped to contribute to the loss of life on the Isle, as many people thought the Irish could recover from their difficulties if they would get sober /rant), I know many people celebrate the day with pint after pint of beer. And many of those beers come with pretty emerald colors.

I also know that many people pour out a little beer in bowls for their dogs. I've seen people do it. Hell, I've done it myself.

Turns out, this is a terrible idea.

Dogs simply don't metabolize alcohol in the same way that humans do. For starters, most dogs don't drink on a regular basis. That means they have zero tolerance for the impact of alcohol, so they grow impaired quite quickly. Also, the average dog is much smaller than the average human. Give a dog a human-sized amount of beer, and that dog is likely to experience ethanol poisoning.

Liam the pug licking his lips

Even though dogs should not drink beer, most will do so if they're given half the chance. That means party planners must be quite careful. All beer glasses should be up off the floors and away from the edges of low coffee tables. All keg nozzles should be secure and drip buckets covered. And all trash cans with beer glasses should come with lids.

And if you're looking for a safe and thematic snack for your pup, consider green beans! They're tasty, crunchy and super healthy. Plus, you know, they're green.

Are you planning to celebrate the day with your pet? Leave me a note about your plans.

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  1. Good reminder that beer is not for pets. The older I get, the less I want to celebrate anything, so tomorrow will be a regular day in our lives! Enjoy your celebrations!

  2. Important message for folks that think it's ok to give their dogs a little beer! Liam is adorable in his bow tie. (mylifewithdogspdx.xom)

  3. We don't have any plans. We're so boring.

    Good reminder for folks about booze and dogs. I admit, we've done it too. When we were younger we were celebrating and gave the dog a small bit of champagne in her bowl to celebrate too. Luckily it was only a splash, so she was okay. Now we are older and wiser! (Mostly just older though...) :)

  4. Mom Kim here - I can't drink beer (it does not like me) so no beer makes it in the house so no beer for Lady Shasta. She does have dental bones that are green so I can give her one of those (no green beans in the house either at this time) We both like broccoli, raw or cooked so could have some of that too.
    I also wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words on our blog - they were really nice.

  5. Happy St Patty's Day my friends. XOXO - Bacon

  6. I had a dog when I was a teenager who would lick the beer caps when my father drank beer. I must confess I didn't know dogs can't metabolize alcohol. Liam is looking quite adorable in that green tie!

  7. That's a great shot of your cute dog.

    I didn't know dog could get poisoned by alcohol. Great info