Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet the goats at Bauman's Farm and Garden for Wordless Wednesday!

Goat next to feeding station
No, these aren't my goats. But they might as well be. The goats you'll see here live at one of my favorite places in Salem, Oregon. And I visit them a lot. I visit them so much, in fact, that they sort of seem like my own. So I thought it might be nice to include them in the Wordless Wednesday series, as hosted by BlogPaws. Don't you think?

These goats live in a huge barn at Bauman's Farm and Garden. They provide fertilizer for the plants that grow on the farm, and they provide a great recreational opportunity for little kids who might grow bored with hours of plant shopping. As this little goat demonstrates so nicely, humans are encouraged to feed these goats. All along the barn, there are these red feeding stations. Drop a quarter in, the food comes out, and the goats stick their heads out for a bite. Kids dig it.

Goat is ready for a bite of food

These goats are surprisingly gentle with humans. They'll lap the kibble up out of your hands with their tongues, instead of noshing on your fingers with their teeth. And when you have no more bites, they tend to stay behind for a few head scratches.

But, they can be a little competitive with one another. In fact, they tend to butt one another out of the way to get to the food. And some of them have really huge horns! Just look!

Goat with big horns in his pen


When I visit, I always try to have tons of quarters in my pockets, so everyone can get a bite without being left out. Even the little babies get bites when I am there.

Baby goat is sticking his head out of his kennel

Bauman's is, technically, a dog-friendly space. I saw quite a few people with tiny dogs in their carts on Saturday. But, dogs can rile up the goats. So I never bring Liam and Sinead along on our trips. I think of this as private goat time.

Hope you like the goat faces! Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you think. And be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop! Good stuff this week.


  1. Bauman's sounds like such a fun place! There's something wonderful about goats, isn't there? We love them, too! :)

  2. Nice to meet the goat ! Bauman's sounds like a great place ! Purrs

  3. Love the goats' faces. They're one of my favorite animals actually. I pet sit part time on weekends and we have one client that has three that we look after and they're so much fun. They all fight for top dog and who can get the most attention out of you. I'm always full of smiles. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'd like some private goat time! This is such a cool place and I've never been! A spring trip I think for sure.