Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cat litter review: Cats Incredible from Lucy Pet Products

Lucy the cat with a bag of cat litter

The average cat person can expect to spend about $165 per year on cat litter, says Kiplinger. And that price goes up with every cat you add to the home. Sadly, a lot of us simply aren't getting what we pay for, when we shell out for cat litter. It's messy, it smells bad and it just plain doesn't work all that well. I know that's been my experience with a lot of the cat litters I tried.

Recently, staffers from Lucy Pet Products told me about a new kind of cat litter they've been developing. They thought this might be a litter I could get behind, and they sent me a sample bag of the stuff so I could try it for myself.

I promised them a very honest review (and I am a tough customer!), so all of these opinions are my own and have not been written by company promoters. So let's get started. And please note: This post does contain an affiliate link.

Pan of cat litter

One major complaint I have about commercial cat litters involves dust. When cats work to cover up their messes with traditional litter, they kick up clouds and clouds of silica dust that can damage their lungs, eyes and throats. The manufacturers of this litter claim that it is not dusty. So I put some in a pan and shook that pan like crazy. Here's the result: No dust.

Then, the manufacturers claim that this litter is excellent at killing odors. They cite a "technology" that can kill odors before they form. I'd love to know what that technology is, but I decided to test it. Since cat urine is transformed into ammonia in a litter pan, I poured a little ammonia into the litter, just to see what would happen.

Ammonia in cat litter

First off, notice how the litter pulls that liquid into a clump. This is a very scoopable and tight clump, which I really like. And then, I put my nose in there to check for scent. I got the unscented version of litter, and I could get a very faint whiff of ammonia on a super-close sniff. But otherwise, I couldn't smell anything at all. I believe that this stuff really works.

I've used it in the litter boxes for a few days, and my only complaint involves foot hair. This litter is made with sodium bentonite, which is very absorbent. It works fast, too. When my cats have wet feet and step in the litter, they walk out with the litter on their foot hairs.

I should say that my cats have epic foot hair, so maybe this wouldn't be an issue for everyone. But it is for me.

Maggie the cat asleep

But otherwise, this litter performed as marketed. I couldn't smell litter box messes, and I had a lot less dust in my house overall. And this is a product I can believe in. This company uses proceeds from sales to support the Lucy Pet Foundation, which offers spay/neuter clinics to help reduce pet overpopulation. That's a cause I'm passionate about, and I like the idea that my purchases could go toward assisting with that cause. And, it's not more expensive than regular cat litters, so it shouldn't break the bank.

I'm thankful to the Lucy Pet Foundation for sending me this cat litter to try. So far, I'm a fan.

If you'd like to try some for yourself, you can purchase Cats Incredible Unscented SuperKittyKattakalizmik Klumping Litter, 25 lb from Amazon (this is an affiliate link). And if you have tried it, leave me a note in the comments and tell me what you think! Love to hear how it worked for you.

Disclaimer: The Lucy Foundation sent me a bag of litter to try in return for my honest review. I was not paid or compensated for this review in any other way. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link which generates a small amount of income for me, at no added cost to you.


  1. We hadn't heard of that litter but that bag is kind of wild.

    1. It is, isn't it? But it's kind of cool. There's a handle at the top and another on the side, so you can really control the flow when you pour.

  2. I love the bag it comes in!

  3. If this litter is great, then we will suggest it to our 700+ clients with our Professional Cat Care Company. We take care of over 1300 cats whenever family goes out of town so WE KNOW CATS AND LITTER well.

    We are a three cat house (in our main part of house) and two more cats (in a private room - too aggressive). The three cats all currently share one litter box (it's huge and deep) and we try every new litter that comes around. I just set up the new box with Lucy's litter and will see how it goes. The two cats in their private quarters use The Breeze system and I love it except when I step barefoot onto one of the ceramic pieces. My complaint with 99.9% of all litters is perfume. Cats and I both hate perfumed litter. It's all over my clothes at the end of each day after scooping 25-50 litter boxes, depending on how busy I am but it's on their paws too with the smell. Love the bag, easy to carry, it's cute and I am sure I can recycle it into something else, perhaps bird seed so easy to pour as well. Dust is one thing but perfume is what is awful. A few days will tell how well Lucy's works and I am hopeful. The price is a bit much (I bought it as PetCo and it was about $25+ a bag for a 14 lb container. Our litter box used two bags so for $50 (until I can find it cheaper), if we like it, would run me $1000+ a year for litter.

  4. I have been using this cat litter (I have three cats) and they (with the possible exception of one cat) seem to love it. I like the factI don't see any dust at all. I had been using the Precious Cat unscented which is good but I still had some dust. My one cat named Giselle is very sensitive to everything and goes through spells where she urinates elsewhere and I am not sure if it's the change to Lucy Litter (which I have seen her use the box so not total avoidance) or if it's the male cat who has started to hang around my house and has gotten into my backyard quite a bit recently--my cats are indoors. Has anyone experienced problems with their cats not liking or not taking too well to the change in their cat litter? I tried mixing it a little at a time until they adjusted. Or maybe it's the outdoor cat. Otherwise, I love this litter but very expensive.

    1. I've had cats that were averse to change. They liked the litter they liked, and they'd resist any other litter I tried. I think these guys really like consistency of both feel and smell, and some litters are just too different for these picky kids to handle. My crew all did well with this (especially my very picky blind cat, Lucy). But I can see how other cats might balk at it's texture and scent. It's very different from other litters on the market: fine grained and odorless.

  5. How does it work when they poop, does that smell get covered up like the urine smell does?