Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kittens: They're great helpers when your dog is on crate rest

Liam the pug in his crate
Liam the pug is on strict crate rest, as he hurt his back over the weekend. That means he is in the crate nearly every moment of the day. He takes quick breaks for his bathroom needs, but otherwise, he's resting and letting his back heal up.

Tomorrow, we head to a neurologist in Portland to see if this is the right plan for Liam. But until I'm told otherwise by that neurologist, Liam has been resting. And despite the ton of medications he's on, Liam is growing restless. He wants out of that crate. And he wants out now.

I've found a novel solution: Foster kittens!

Fergus the kitten on a scratching post

I'm fostering three little kittens this spring. (Did you miss their arrival photos? Go here.) They're growing bigger and stronger every day, and they're using the litter box like champs. That means they're able to spend a great deal of time in my writing studio. And that means they provide Liam with a little cat television.

Liam the pug and Patrick the foster kitten

Little Patrick here takes time out of his busy day to visit with Liam. He sits nicely next to the crate and purrs, and sometimes, he climbs up the side of the crate to get a better look at Liam. When I let Liam out to pee, Patrick crawls right into that crate for a closer look. He's a little like Liam's personal candy striper, and I know Liam appreciates the extra visits and affection.

When Liam isn't fielding visits, he has a lot to watch. These little guys sleep a lot, but sometimes, they climb up into high places to sleep. Liam watches them move, and if he thinks those kitties are getting into dangerous positions, he gives me a little woof of alert. He didn't like Fergus on top of these boxes this morning, for example.

Fergus the kitten sleeping

I think Liam would much rather spend time in person with these kittens. He'd love to be on the receiving end of an invitation to snuggle, like this, for example.

TIny kitten crawls into bed with her dog

But I think just watching them and listening to them is also good for his mental health. He appreciates their time and their good energy. And I'm happy they're here. If Liam has to stay in that crate for several weeks more, he will need their help in order to keep his spirits high.

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  1. We're sorry to hear that Liam hurt himself. Purring and praying that the neurologist visit reveals nothing serious.

    Those babies are such sweet little candy stripers. :)

  2. Oh no, I hope Liam's feeling better soon and your appointment with the neurologist today brings some good news about his treatment.

    Hang in there buddy!