Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 2016 Bark Box review: Dog toys and dog treats for pugs on crate rest

Liam the pug with his BarkBox treats
On Tuesday, the mailman brought Liam the pug a very special treat. His BarkBox arrived! And it came just in time. Liam is parked in a crate due to a back injury (more on that in a minute), and I've been looking for ways to keep him happy and occupied as he recovers. This BarkBox might provide the solutions I've been looking for. And that's good news, as we have several more long weeks of crate recuperation ahead.

You see, Liam went to a neurologist this morning for a comprehensive exam. He did quite well during his exam, but he had a few episodes of yelping on tests involving his left hind foot. That seems to suggest that he has some sort of nerve damage in his back leading down to that foot.

Since Liam seemed much better on this exam than he did on the weekend exam, we theorize that he is improving with crate rest and medications, and it didn't seem necessary to move forward with sedated tests like myelograms or MRIs (sedation is risky for these smash-faced babies). But, he will need to stay in his crate with only breaks to potty for 4 weeks total.

Liam is a busy little bee, and he is accustomed to an active life. New toys could help, and we got two in our BarkBox.

Liam the pug with his flower toy

What's better for a sick pug than a bouquet of flowers? This set is made by BarkBox, and it's absolutely adorable. The flowers are hooked together with a tiny piece of plastic, but that could be removed to let each flower run free. And the brown part of each flower is filled with something that crinkles. These are perfect crate toys because they are small and they are fun to chew. I'm happy that we have them.

Liam the pug with his pie toy

Next up is this pie dog toy from Loopies, and I'll say upfront that I am saving this for when Liam feels better. Each little red thing inside of this pie is a ball with a squeaker, and all of those balls can be nested inside of this pie. Liam absolutely adores toys like this, but he plays with them by shaking them as hard as he can while clenching them in his mouth. It is a very rough, very physical form of play. And it could hurt his neck and back something awful. So I'm holding this out. He'll be happy to have it in June or July, when all of this has blown over.

Liam the pug looks at a treat

Finally, we got a ton of treats. In this photo, I'm holding something called Shrimp N'Grits from Grandpaws. This is my favorite treat for Liam right now. These are stinky and super soft, so they're perfect for hiding pills. Liam is taking four different medications right now, so there are a lot of pills to give. These snacks make giving those pills really easy.

We also got a set of adorable pig-shaped cookies from Vetscience LLC. (I can't find the company online, so I have no link to share with you.) But these really do look yummy. And we got some jerky from the BarkBox company. I can also cut that and use it as a pill-delivery device. So I'm thrilled to have that as well.

I know this box was not made specifically for dogs on crate rest. (In fact, I think this box had a fair theme.) But clearly, it has a bunch of good stuff that Liam might need as he rests and lets his little back heal. So I'm happy it's here.

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  1. We hope Liam feels better soon! He hit the jackpot with his BarkBox.

  2. Dang Liam, I'm sorry you are hurting but that box of goodies sure way a nice way to help pass the time. Rest up and get all better.

  3. Unfortunately my cats couldn't eat these treats :)