Monday, May 23, 2016

Portland Pug Crawl 2016: Star Wars pugs raise money for OHS

Pugs dressed like Jawa from Star Wars
Pugs run amok in Portland every year in May, dressed in all sorts of fanciful costumes while their people walk around sipping beer. It's the Pug Crawl (a benefit for Oregon Humane Society), and it's a major part of my springtime social calendar. It's a huge treat to spend time in the company of 100+ pugs, and I always love to see how people interpret the year's theme.

This year, we were all asked to think about how a pug could participate in Star Wars. Let me say, right off the bat, that I know little to nothing about Star Wars. But clearly, there were plenty of people who were well-versed in Lucas world, as some of the costumes were darn extraordinary.

This was my favorite set of pugs and people.

Two pugs dressed like ships and their person

Notice that the two pugs are dressed like ships. And see how happy their child is to be acting out some evil fantasy? This is a costume set that the child probably developed and put into action. Here's a side angle, so you can see all the work that went into this little display. I was impressed.

Pugs dressed like Star Wars ships

But, there were plenty of people who brought pugs in no costumes at all. These little guys, who are 14 and 11, respectively, were not willing to wear costumes, their person said. So they just came in their pretty furs. I think they look great just as they are.

Two senior pugs

The day was intermittently rainy, too. That meant that costumes simply had to be water-resistant, else they would melt away or transfer dye to sensitive pug fur. The people at the end of this girl's leash couldn't find anything that wouldn't dissolve, so they let her chill in the nude. And this might have been the most relaxed pug I saw all day yesterday. She sat sidesaddle like this most of the day.

Tiny and wet pug

Since Liam hurt his back a week or so ago, he couldn't come to the crawl this year. So Sinead made the trip solo, and she seemed to really enjoy herself. She wanted to be carried from time to time, when the crowds were thick and the rain was falling, but she also initiated play with a few pugs and she even took a few cookies from strangers.

Sinead the Boston terrier at the pug crawl

Despite the nasty weather and the slightly uninspiring theme, there were plenty of people at the event this year. And that makes me happy, as this is a fundraiser for homeless animals. The more we can raise, the better.

Large group of people at the pug crawl

Note that this is the line for the beer. After a few laps around the event space and a few photo opportunities, Sinead and hubby and I were ready to head out for beer in a place that was a little less crowded. So we engaged in our post Pug Crawl tradition and headed to the Lucky Lab in NE Portland. Much drier there.

Sinead the Boston terrier and me at the Pug Crawl

While I wish Liam had been well enough to come with us, this was a great day overall. Did you miss it? Maybe this will help. I've covered past crawls here and here and here and here. Maybe looking at those photos will inspire you to come next year!

Were you there? Would you love to come? Leave me a note in the comments. Love to hear from you.


  1. What a fun looking event. I don't have much to do with dogs but I loved seeing the faces of the pugs. They look so happy even the ones that refused to wear anything but their furs.


    1. Pugs are a lot like cats, IMHO. They love to sleep and eat, with occasional bouts of running mixed in. Sound familiar? :)

  2. Hahaha, they all look so funny ! A friend of mine has such a dog he is called Gustave the demolisher !

  3. Pugs and Star Wars. Couldn't ask for a better combination!