Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday cat selfie: Cats hard at work (or hardly working)

Popoki the cat in her favorite chair
A true cat person calls the resident feline friend a "kid" or a "son" or a "daughter." These little kitties aren't merely pets to us. They are an integral part of our lives. And last week, I'll bet there were some conflicts between cat people and non-cat people. Why? Because last Thursday was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Be honest: How many of you out there were hoping your cats would be included in that celebration? When I worked in an office run by other people, I often wished I could bring my furry kids to work with me. I just knew that including them would be beneficial.

And the science backs me up on that. A study from the University of Buffalo found that worker productivity rose when animals were allowed in the office. The researchers suggest that people didn't fall down the clickholes of the web to get a cute pet fix when there were pets in the office. They petted the office pets instead. (And they probably got some networking done during those petting sessions.)

Popoki the cat and a computer mouse
Cat and mouse (get it?)
Thankfully, every day is Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day for me, because I work from home. Every day, Popoki and the dogs stroll out to the writing studio with me to get a little work done. I know I'm more productive because they are here. But I also know that working with a cat in the room can be a little challenging.

For this Sunday Selfie Series, hosted by The Cat On My Head, I thought I might point out a few rare drawbacks of working with a cat.

Let's start with paper planning. Sometimes, I need to review things like contracts or invoices during the course of my work. These things are printed out, and I need to mark up that printer. But, to Popoki, a spread-out piece of paper is an absolutely fabulous bed.

Popoki the cat sleeping on paper

Yeah, I am not going to be able to review that document.

Cats also like to be where you are and see what you are seeing. And young cats like Popoki are remarkably agile, so they hop up and get down on a very regular basis. It is not at all uncommon for Popoki to walk across my desk and block my screen while I am trying to type. And she has, more than once, typed a few letters with her paws during her travels.

She also likes to sleep very close to working equipment. Like this.

Popoki the cat sleeping next to the computer keyboard

Her head is right in the spot I'd like to use while moving the mouse. She does this a lot.

And finally, there's the hair factor. All pets are covered in fur, and all of that fur has to go somewhere when it is dead and is no longer useful to the pet. That discarded fur can fly around and clock up machinery, including computer vents and printer vents. So having pets in an office means spending time every week with canned air and a vacuum to take out the blockage.

Is all of this work worth it? Absolutely.

Popoki the cat with her person

Let's face it: Some days at work can be downright depressing or stressful. Having a cuddly kitten like this on hand can smooth out the rough spots in my day and help me stay motivated to do better in the future.

For my 2 cents, I think every office should have cats. Just think of all of the awesome selfies we could get!

Thanks, as usual, to our hosts for this selfie series.

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  1. Pst, I believe the 'hardly working' bit ;-) Have a great May Day!

  2. Those are great selfies! We agree, all offices should have cats!

  3. Exactly what my little Gizzy is doing. Watchng me work

  4. I've had a few "work at home" days since adopting Mudpie and you are so right, it isn't easy. But so, so worth the bit of trouble :)

  5. We really wouldn't want to go to work with the mom. That means we would have to get in the carrier, and we really don't like that. But we would love if she stayed home with us all the time. :)

  6. I love the rare occasions when I can work from home. Gracie and Zoe are very helpful! :)

  7. You're so right,I would love to have a job where I could Have Speedy with me,xx Rachel Speedy's Mum

  8. Now from my perspective, being the one that WORKS at home, peeps always get in the way, and always want the things I have arranged to sleep on. No organizational skills at all. Lovely selfies of you inspecting the PC equipment. purrs ERin

  9. You are a very helpful kitty, Popoki and I am sure you know when it is time for your mom to pause, so that she can be mindful... at your purresence of course. I think being at home is what we like best, because we are kitties of habits and routine...well, on the other hands, routines can be changed...hmm, have to think about this new item ;) Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday :) <3

  10. We agree 100% cats in offices - the way forward!!!