Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday cat cuteness: Meet the foster kittens

Fister kitten Kathleen is only 4 weeks old
Adults cats could be considered self-sufficient. Kittens, especially when they're very small, are totally different. They depend on the kindness of their cat mommas for almost everything, including food, warmth and elimination. And if that momma isn't available for some reason, these kittens can make do with a human substitute.

For the next 6 weeks or so, I am that substitute for three tiny kittens. I'm fostering them through Willamette Humane Society, and they just entered the Menagerie home yesterday. I thought the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday series was a perfect time to introduce them.

So here goes!

There's one female in this mix, and we're calling her Kathleen. She's the tiniest of the set, and she's the cuddliest member of the pack. She purrs when you pick her up, and she really prefers to be held and cuddled by humans, rather than being cuddled by her rowdy brothers. See how relaxed she is in my lap?

Kathleen the kitten asleep on my lap

 Kathleen will probably have long hair (look at those ears!), and it's quite possible she won't keep those sheer-blue eyes. But it's all a guessing game right now.

Next up is pretty-boy Patrick. He's got lilac-point markings and super-short hair. He's the biggest of the crew, and he already seems like a rough-and-rowdy little guy. He is constantly pulling WWF moves on his siblings, and he's the first to head into the food dish when it's time to eat.

Patricck the kitten cleaning his paws

Isn't he a pretty thing, even when he has food on his head? His snow-white paws are really something to see. But, I'm hoping that there's a family out there that will think hard about what he will need in a perfect home. He's more than a pretty face. He's a busy little thing! People who want mellow may not want to live with this.

Foster kitten Patrick at play

Look at the rowdy! It's going to be fun to see how he expresses that as he grows.

And finally, meet Fergus. This guy also has lilac-point Siamese markings, but he has really long hair. In fact, his hair is so long that it actually curls on his belly. And his ear tufts are crazy!

Tiny kitten with food on his face

Fergus is the least developed of these three. He can't always find the food dish without help, and unlike his brother and sister, he doesn't have the litter pan thing figured out quite yet. His meow voice is also about half as loud as theirs. So he'll need some special TLC.

So what do you think? I'll be popping these guys in posts from time to time while they're here. And check back next week, when I'll have some starter tips and tricks for foster parents. But in the interim, enjoy the kitten cuteness!

Three kittens sleeping in a pile

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  1. OMC! These kittens are so cute! I'm glad that they have found their way into your loving arms.

  2. Oh good grief, they are SO ADORABLE!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! They are the sweetest! What fun to see them learn and grow! Enjoy!

  4. OMC! They are just adorable! We'll look forward to your posts about their progress. Thank you for fostering them. :)