Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A pet blogging conference through a dog's eyes

Sinead in her carrier waiting for the plane

Last week, Sinead and I spent four wonderful days in the company of like-minded pet bloggers. I had a ton of fun, and based on the amazing photos I got of Boston terrier Sinead during her week in Arizona, I know she had a great time, too.

So for today's Wordless Wednesday post, which is hosted by BlogPaws, I thought it might be fun to show just a few of a dog's experiences at a pet blogging conference. That way, should you choose to take your dog to a similar conference, you'll know just what to expect.

So let's get started.

Sinead and cutouts of cats

Pet blogging conferences give you the opportunity to meet with brands that make pet food, pet toys and other animal goodies. For Sinead, that meant her conference was about posing with quite a few logos, including this one from a cat food provider.

Sinead with a photo of her pug brother

Sometimes, there are surprises. At the Weruva booth, for example, we found that pug brother Liam was used in some marketing materials. That gave me a nice little ego boost.

Sinead the Boston terrier sleeping

Down time for dogs comes during the classes and training sessions. Whenever I sat down to learn, Sinead curled up in order to catch a few winks. I saw quite a few dogs doing that. I think many of them were hoping their people would stay and learn more!

Sinead the Boston terrier and cactus

Hotels that host these conferences are pet-friendly, which means dogs can hang out in open spaces like lobbies and hallways, as long as they are on leashes. Sinead and I did a lot of that in Arizona. It was simply too hot to go outside, but we wanted to get some sun therapy. We could get that in this gorgeous lobby.

Sinead the Boston terrier in the lobby

But there are spaces in hotels in which dogs are not allowed, including food prep areas and pool areas. Sinead was pretty disappointed about that, as she thought she should be able to go anywhere.

Sinead the Boston terrier asleep

But the main thing she wanted was to sleep. She was simply exhausted by all of the visiting and eating and walking and performing. Every time she had the chance, she had a nap. I don't blame her.

Sinead the Boston terrier in her bed

She even got to sleep in the big bed with momma, and that's quite a treat. For her, that one little perk may have made the entire trip worthwhile.

Would you ever consider bringing your dog to a pet blogging conference? Drop me a note and let me know. And if you came to BlogPaws, tell me how it went! Love to hear your comments.

And remember to visit a few of the other blogs in this hop. It's a great way to make new friends.


  1. Wow, what an exciting trip for you and Sinead! We wish we could have attended BlogPaws this year, but it was not to be. Hopefully, we will get to meet you in person someday. :)

    1. I'm sad you didn't make it this year. I'd love to meet you!

  2. Sinead, these are such precious photos, but we know where another cute one can be found...our blog! Our mom posted one on our Tuesday post. In fact it was the largest one on the post. Our humans fell in love with you, and they were so happy they got to have dinner with you and your mom at the N2N Awards banquet! Mom's is going to start working with C.J. to see if it would be possible to take her to Myrtle Beach next year. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. I loved seeing you and Sinead at the conference. I might consider bringing Ruby if there was a conference close to where we live. She can get pretty stressed so not sure it would be a good fit for her.

    1. Bringing a little one does make the conference experience a touch more complicated. I'm lucky that Sinead does so well. Her size certainly helps.

      And it was fabulous to meet you! Congratulations, once again, on your awards!

  4. That picture of Sinead sleeping is adorable! I bet she really was exhausted. I haven't been to one of the conferences yet, but I would definitely take Haley along. I'm sure she would get pretty tired by the end of it all too though.

    I'm glad you had a fantastic time in Phoenix and thanks for sharing the pics for those of us that couldn't make it this year.

  5. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know both you and Sinead. She is adorable. Bentley & Pierre loved playing in the doggy daycare. They are still resting up from the trip. ☺

    1. I'll bet! They were busy little boys. I loved meeting them, and you!

  6. I brought a kitten to a blogging conference before. Google odilia blogpaws :)

  7. Thank-u fer stoppin'by our blog. My mom haz never bin 2 BlogPawz butt wood love 2 go an'I know she wood love fer me 2 go 2. Bet it wood b fun! You look like u had fun Sinead. Love your purty yellow dress - u iz purty in it. May-b one of theze timez we will git 2 go an'we will meet u an'your mom.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  8. It was lovely meeting you. Mr. N definitely needed more sleep but he wanted to be on the go while we were there!