Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cat product review: Flitter and Cheese from PetSafe

Action shot of kitty and toy

Living with a small kitten is absolutely wonderful. But it can also be absolutely exhausting. These little creatures have a play drive like you absolutely would not believe. Fergus here starts playing the moment he wakes up, and he keeps on going though the night. He has plenty of balls and mice and discs to play with, but he often wants movement. If I don't give him a toy that moves, he'll pounce on his roommates and make a game out of watching them run (bad kitty!).

So you can imagine how excited I was when I won a contest from Kitty Cat Chronicles. And how really excited I got when I learned what I had won: Not one but TWO toys from PetSafe! I thought I'd review them both.

Maggie and the flitter toy

The first is this toy called a "Flitter." It's a sturdy little thing has a motor connected to slender arms. When you turn the thing on, those arms move randomly, and each movement makes little dragonflies swing in the breeze. This toy also comes with a tweeting-type mechanism that makes noises randomly.

Two cats playing with one toy

Of course, Fergus thinks this toy is really wonderful. It makes noise AND sound, and it's absolutely impossible for him to figure out or best. As soon as I turned it on, he was hooked.

But surprisingly, even senior cat Maggie likes this toy. She isn't as vigorous in her play sessions as Fergus is, but she will take a swing at the toy from time to time. And she also seems to enjoy watching Fergus play with this toy.

Fergus the kitten and his toy

And Fergus plays pretty darn rough. He's picked up these little flies and tried to run off with them, he's held on to the arms while the motor is running and he's stood in the path of the arms and been battered by them. Despite all that, this toy keeps on moving. I pick it up between sessions, so he won't eat the flies. But this thing seems capable of standing up to heavy use.

It does come with a "play while away" feature, in which you can program it to play with your kids a time or two while you're at work. But I don't think I'll set that up with Fergus. I know he'd kill the flies when he had access to them in a nonmoving form, and I like to supervise his rough play style, so I know he won't get hurt.

But, if you had sedentary cats (like Maggie), the play-while-away mode might get them to move around a little throughout the day. And that might be a big bonus.

Fergus and his cheese toy

Our other toy is this thing called a Cheese. It's shaped like a big block of cheese, with little whiskered mouse heads that pop in and out randomly from either side. It doesn't make chirping noises, but the motor is loud. Fergus knows when it comes on, and he always comes to check things out. And often, he tries to bite those little mouse heads. He also sneak-attack pounces on the block.

This is a toy I set up to perform randomly throughout the day, because I know he won't break it. But I will say that he doesn't enjoy it as much as the Flitter toy. And my other cats don't like the Cheese toy at all.

So, thanks to my lovely fellow blogger for the super-neat prizes! And here's to PetSafe for making products that can keep crazy kittens busy.

Speaking of: Any of you have awesome kitten entertainment tips to share? I'd love to hear them. Hit me up in the comments!

Disclaimer: I won these prizes in a contest. I did not pay for them, nor was I asked to review them. I did review them because I like them. But no money changed hands in return for this review. And all opinions are my own.


  1. play is sooo important with kittens.. for so many different reasons :) glad they enjoy the toys

  2. We were lucky to be able to review both of these toys. They really are fun. We like the cheese one best.

    The mom said it was great meeting you and Sinead at BlogPaws this year!

  3. Wow, that's pretty neat that you can program them to play while you are out or at work. Though like you, I am not sure I would trust my girls with the flitter toy alone - pretty sure I would come home to a broken toy.

  4. We won the Flitter toy from The Island Cats! Glad you won one, too. Mom says it was great meeting you at BlogPaws. She didn't realize this was your blog when she met you, and she apologizes.

    1. Not to worry. I think a lot of cat bloggers didn't realize that Sinead was part of the menagerie, too! Maybe I need to bring a kitty next year :)

  5. So glad that your gang are enjoying the toys! Little Fergus is so cute :) It was great meeting you at BlogPaws too! Hope to see you again next year!