Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Dog photo shoot goes wrong

Sinead the Boston terrier caught sneezing

Normally, Boston terrier Sinead and pug Liam can be relied upon to take a good photo. Sure, there may be one or two outtakes among the golden dog photography examples, but there are usually a few good ones I can pull out of any photo shoot.

Not today.

I had planned to share some photos of Liam and Sinead in front of my magnificent lavender plants for Wordless Wednesday, as hosted by BlogPaws. But instead, all I got were outtakes.

Seriously. Every one is funky.

Sinead the Boston terrier with her mouth open

I can't tell quite what she's doing here. Barking or whistling or smacking her lips. But she doesn't look like the pretty dog we all know and love.

And the next shot isn't better.

Sinead the Boston terrier looking a little drunk

It looks like she's had one too many martinis here. Is she winking? Smirking? It's hard to tell.

Sinead the Boston terrier smirking

And now it looks like she's talking out the side of her mouth to her drinking buddy. What in the world went wrong? I was going to try to set her up in a new spot for new photos. And then I got this.

Sinead the Boston terrier squinting into the sun

No photos, please! Okay, I get the message.

So I thought I'd move the shoot over to reliable pug, Liam. He'd been watching this whole thing go down, so I felt sure he'd know what I wanted. Unfortunately, I think the shoot went on too long for him.

Liam the pug looking bored

He looks just really bored here, doesn't he? Not interested in working this photo shoot at all. But I thought I'd try once more.

Angry pug

Okay, I'm done.

Any of you out there have horrible photography days? Shoot me a note in the comments and share your stories. I'd love to hear them!

And be sure to visit the other blogs in this hop. There are so many wonderful pet blogs out there just waiting for you. Come see them!


  1. I finks they are all pawsome…they show their great characters!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Oh yes! I can relate to those kinds of photo shoots. With Haley, I can tell she's not into it when she gives me her squinty eyes, lol! At least you got some great bloopers and character shots with Sinead and Liam. Bloopers are sometimes the best! :)

  3. But they made us smile really, really big! Thank you so much for sharing these fun pictures. :)

  4. I actually think these pics are super cute of both dogs!! Yes, like everyday I have bad photo days :) And both the Beagle mix ad big Doxie are always closing their eyes. I have like 100 pictures of the dogs with closed eyes!

  5. They look pretty darn cute to us! And yes, we get some days when no one wants to co-operate for the pawparazi ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Picture sessions going wrong...wait that is here most of the time, BOL!

    Soemtimes the oopsies work for other comical stuff when you want a picture to fit a situation. I keep all the bloopers for that reason:)

    We enjoyed yours today:)

  7. LOL! My Husky is forever squinting or turning away from the camera when I need a great photo. Phoebe on the other hand is always camera ready - as long as treats are involved! I think these pics are funny & cute, definitely worth posting. Nice Lavender plants too (- :
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. I kinda like the third picture from bottom, it looks like she is enjoying the sun so much