Monday, July 18, 2016

Dog product review: Reliq shampoo and mist

 Sinead the Boston terrier with dog shampoo

It's only July, and already Sinead has been to the beach, to the dog park (kinda), to the Saturday market, to the airport and to the river. She's been in sun, sand, dirt and water. In short, she's been in all sorts of places that could make her incredibly stinky. So when I met with the nice people from Reliq at a conference last month, I knew they'd have a product I would need. They sent me home with some to try, and today is review day!

Reliq makes a line of products that are just for dogs that get messy during summertime fun. The first is a line of shampoos. These shampoos contain no chlorine, alcohol or parabens, so they are safe to use on dogs with sensitive skin. And unlike other shampoos, which can give Sinead's coat a case of the flakes, this stuff is gentle and mild. Her skin isn't irritated by the shampoo in any way.

Sinead the Boston terrier in her chair

Despite the gentle nature of this shampoo, it's very effective. Even tough odors like cat poo and sea salt come away with one bath. And those scents don't come back a day or two after the bath, either. You know how some shampoos just mask the odor while leaving the original scent to linger? This stuff doesn't do that. It contains colonut surfectant and soy extract deodorants, so the scents are surrounded and removed.

We tried the pomegranate shampoo, and I'm happy to report that this stuff doesn't smell like perfumes or candles. It smells like fruit. I think it smells good, and Sinead must agree with me, as she doesn't feel compelled to roll around in the dirt to get the scent off when bathtime is over.

Sinead in her chair

But Sinead is a busy little dog with a lot of stuff to explore, and sometimes, she gets into smelly things between baths. And sometimes, her essential dog smell wears off on things like her beds and her clothes. I tried another Reliq product to help with that.

The mist product is made to help dogs remove odors between baths, and it can be used as a touchup on beds and toys. I tried a baby powder scent that really didn't smell like perfume at all. A few squirts on the bed and it smelled lovely.

Sinead, on the other hand, really hated to be sprayed with this stuff. I am not sure why, but she developed a real resistance to being around the bottle at all. So I'll probably stick to using this on her bed and not on her. If this product came as a liquid I could put on my hands and then rub on her, that might work better. But the spray idea is not a winner with her.

Dog shampoo and dog mist

These products are not, as far as I can tell, sold in stores. But the company has a really well-designed website that makes ordering easy. You can even buy sample packs before you commit to a full product purchase, so you can try the scents before you buy. And the prices are really reasonable.

Based on how well Sinead responded to these products, we'll be buying more. And if you're looking for a new shampoo, you might want to do the same!

Do you use refreshing mists on your pets between baths? If you do, how well does your dog tolerate them? Drop me a comment and let me know, will you? I'm curious.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer of these products gave me samples to try. All opinions are my own. No money changed hands in return for this review.


  1. I LOVE these pictures of Sinead! We do occasionally use refreshing mist between baths. Ruby is pretty relaxed and doesn't even seem to notice - though we only use a tiny bit.

    1. Using the new camera! I can get a lot more expression from her with the camera, for some reason.

  2. Cats are lucky, they don't get a bath, or only on very special occasions, they bath themeselves, lol !