Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pug expressions: The many faces of Liam

Liam the pug on the couch with his toy

One of the best things about Liam the pug, especially since I'm a blogger, is the extreme elasticity of his face. Unlike Sinead the Boston terrier, who only has a few default expressions (angry/tired/happy), and Popoki the cat who really only has one expression (hungry), Liam's little pug face can pull and stretch into all sorts of different combinations.

Sometimes, he can pull down a series of different facial expressions in just minutes.

Take these photographs, which I'm sharing as part of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday series. These photos were taken about 10 seconds apart, with no expression coaching from me.

We started with a fairly straightforward look. I'm crouched in front of him, and he's looking at the phone in my hands. Then, he thought I might have a treat in my hands.

Liam the pug looking at my hands

Here's hopeful pug! I have the phone in the same spot, but he's trying to catch my eye and plead with me to give him a treat. You'll notice that he's also started to make his eyes just a little bigger and rounder, so he has more of a puppy look about him. That's something he does when he's trying to be extra adorable. And if it doesn't work right away, he can take that saggy eye thing to an extreme.

Liam the pug giving me the puppy eye

Aaaand, here we go!

I call this the guilty face. He seems to be saying, "How in the world can you avoid rewarding me for the awesome thing I am doing right now?" Baggy eyes, slightly dipped head and an upturned gaze are the key parts of this look.

Did he get a cookie? You bet he did. And once he realized I didn't have any more treats in my hands, I got the final expression.

Liam the pug is asleep

He's even kicked the little flower prop away so he could get a better sleep position. Little stinker.

How about you? Are your animals good posers? Leave me a note in the comments. I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Harley's an excellent poser (in my opinion) Jaxson is getting there. He just needs more practice.

  2. LOVE! Liam is a seriously expressive dude -- a master of 1000 faces! :)

  3. Oh the guilty face!! If I ever saw that face I would just give them an entire yak or a kong full of treats - what a sweet expression! You're right -- Liam has so many expressions! My dogs are so serious!

  4. Mee-you Liam doggie yur a naturallee actor mee furend! Those xpresshunss are purrfect!!!
    It iss luvley to meet you.....
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  5. Lol. We have two Tibetan Spaniels, and while Keani has a relatively perpetual anxious/ sad look going on (and he's got quite the prissy personality to match), Khydn has a very expressive face. From his "Are you taking yet ANOTHER photo of me, Mom?" face to his "I'm so cute, you know you want to give me a treat" face, and everything in between, *grins.*