Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shelter cat stories: Senior cat Sneakers needs help

Sneakers the shelter cat

Senior cats are always hard to move out of a shelter and into a loving home. People worry about falling in love with pets they won't have for long periods of time. And they worry that senior cats are in the shelter due to some sort of behavioral flaw that will manifest in the home. That means senior cats often park it in shelters for two or even three times as long as their younger counterparts.

And the problem gets a whole lot worse in the summer.

When shelters are packed to the gills with tiny and cuddly kittens, senior cats become simply invisible. And that's true even when the senior cats have all sorts of attributes families claim to want.

That's what's happening with Sneakers here. And I'm hoping we can work together to help change his story around.

Sneakers the cat in the shelter

Sneakers is a 12-year-old kitty that had lived with the same family until April of this year, when the family had to move and they couldn't bring Sneakers along. Rest assured that the family wanted to keep Sneakers. He was loved. But serious financial difficulties forced the family to make some tough housing choices. And those choices meant that Sneakers needed a new home.

When he arrived, Sneakers was in rough shape. He had some kitty lumps and bumps that needed removal, and he was really lanky and thin. His coat was also matted and greasy in spots. In short, he wasn't the sort of cat that inspired people with his beauty.

But since then, he's had a lot of work done. He's had his teeth worked on, his lumps removed, his body thickened up with good food and his coat brushed repeatedly. He's a pretty nice looking cat right now. And he has an equally nice personality.

Sneakers is a kitty that comes right up to the front of his kennel for attention. He doesn't shy away from loud noises or fast movements, and he really seems to have a thing for kids. I've seen him actively solicit attention from children of all ages, and he's been very gentle with them, even when those kids weren't all that gentle with him!

Sneakers has no cat experience, but he's handling life in a crowded shelter with ease. No hissing, no swatting and no shying away. I think he might do well with other cats in the right circumstances. But families with dogs will need to be prepared. Sneakers was chased quite a lot in his last home by a mean dog, and he doesn't have either front or back claws to fight back with. So he probably will be afraid of aggressive dogs. Shy, nonchasing dogs might be okay, though.

So in a nutshell, this is an older cat with a ton of benefits:
  • He's healthy
  • He's just had his teeth cleaned
  • He likes kids
  • He's brave
  • He's friendly 
  • He could accept friendly dogs
  • He might enjoy friendly cats
And yet, he waits for a home. He's been waiting for almost 3 months now.

Can you help me to network this boy? Here is his adoption page. He's at Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon. His adoption fee is $20.  Do you have room for him? Do you know of someone who might? Do you have networking ideas?

Any and all help would be appreciated!

20160714: Happy update! Sneakers was adopted today! 


  1. We are very glad to hear that Sneakers was adopted!

  2. oh how I wish I could adopt him. I have big allergies but love cats so much. He's a winner. And one never knows how long they have with a pet even if you adopt a young one.

  3. Sneakers sounds like a wonderful dude. We sure wish more people would take a chance on love with a senior kitty. They are fantastic, and you really never know how long they could live. Lots of purrs and prayers for Sneakers to find a loving forever home, really soon!

  4. I felt bad for Sneakers. It really is difficult to find a home for older pets. I am so happy that he has been adopted. I hope he'll have many happy, loving days in his new home.