Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday cat selfie: Blind cats and pesky kittens

Lucy the blind cat hiding

A little earlier this week, I shared a post about how well my existing cats and dogs were melding with pesky kitten Fergus. Many of my pets have banded together to help this little bottle baby to understand his place both in the family and the world at large.

But there's one member of the family that is struggling a bit. In fact, I think she'd like the kitten to go away. It's blind cat Lucy. And I thought I might make her feel better if I put her in the showcase for the Sunday Selfie series, as hosted by The Cat on My Head.

Lucy the blind cat and Fergus the kitten

Lucy has been spending quite a bit of time in this little hiding space beneath my Morris chair. And Fergus has been spending a lot of time just a few feet away from that chair. He isn't intentionally stalking Lucy. Oftentimes, he's just doing routine cat things, like grooming. But he is waiting to see if she comes out.

When she does come out, he takes it as an invitation to play. And Lucy finds his play style pretty intimidating. She doesn't like to be pounced on, chased or swatted. She might like to wrestle cats she knows well, but the fast movements of a kitten seem to scare her.

Fergus the kitten

There's a little coaching I can do to make things better. I supervise most interactions, and I try to provide Fergus with other outlets for his play drive. I use wand toys, motorized toys and the ever-elusive red dot to help him burn off energy appropriately, so he doesn't use Lucy as his personal plaything.

But I also need to let Lucy put the smackdown on this guy. And that's something she is just starting to do.

Lucy the cat in the middle of a yawn

Lucy finds this whole discussion boring, it seems.

Anyway, Lucy has become more and more willing to deliver some pretty harsh slaps to Fergus. She's stopped hissing, as that doesn't seem to deter him. But she is delivering harder and harder blows with her little hands when he gets out of line. And those hits seem to stun him and hurt his feelings. He walks away from her when she hits. Those might be the corrective slaps he needs.

Would I rather Lucy didn't have to slap him around at all? You bet. But I am thankful that she's feeling safe enough to fight back. And I hope that, with her coaching, Fergus will learn how to be the sort of kitty other cats don't have to slap around.

Lucy the cat in her selfie

So here's to Lucy, looking lovely in her profile selfie (it's hard to get a good shot when you're blind, you know). Crossing fingers her life will get better with this little one around, as soon as she whips him into shape!

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  1. Sounds like Lucy is starting to assert herself and I'm sure Fergus will get the message and back off a bit. It always takes a little while for the dust to settle after a new cat enters the house.

  2. Sounds Like with your help Lucy and Fergus are making fine progress, I'm sure nature will now take it's course and Fergus will grow up to respect his elders and betters. Those are wonderful selfies of the pair, I hope the week ahead is just as wonderful too. purrs ERin

  3. Lucy, you look like a honey and that's some yawn! i love that picture of fergus, too, our mom used to have a very affectionate cat named Fang that looked like him...siamese with a few stripes! Have fun getting to know each other, you guys!

  4. We hope that Lucy adjusts to having a kitten (if not you can send him our way, Lady is dying for a cat!)

  5. They are both adorable and will work it out.

  6. I think you're doing a fine job. I agree with some of the others that time may help. Fergus is adorable and Lucy is a beauty. It must be hard to see Fergus get whapped, but hopefully he learns his place with Lucy soon.

  7. Keep supervising and make sure Fergus doesn't feel completely overwhelmed by Lucy. She is making hr feelings known which is quite right, but a young kittens enthusiasm needs a bit of containment!