Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday cat selfie: Pretty kitty Jasper ages with grace

Jasper the rescue cat posing for a selfie

I've been toying around with the camera I won at BlogPaws (yay!), and I've found a pretty darn wonderful cat subject. And it's a little interesting, as the cat who has been most interested in working with me is one who is usually very reluctant to pose for any photos at all. As a result, I don't think he's ever been the subject of the Sunday Cat Selfies Series, as hosted by The Cat on My Head. That seems like a shame, don't you think?

So this week, I'll fix it. And I'll tell you a little about who this guy is, and how he came to be a member of the menagerie.

Jasper the cat in profile

Jasper is a very distinguished 15-year-old cat that is just starting to show his age. See all that white in his black fur? It wasn't there before. It's certainly there now.

And Jasper is, quite frankly, a little lucky that he was able to live to 15. The beginning of his life was horrific.

Hubby's first wife worked in a warehouse in Portland, and that warehouse had plenty of mice, rats and other small critters that cats like to snack on. As a result, it became a sort of gathering place for all sorts of cats, who began reproducing like crazy. When the management found out about this issue, the decision was made to "exterminate" the cats. A group of workers banded together to remove as many cats as possible.

Jasper was one of the rescues.

Jasper the rescue cat

When he arrived in his rescue home, he was an adolescent boy that clearly had very little experience with people. He hid quite a bit, and he tried to find other kitties to make friends with and protect him.

He picked up some bad habits from those cat mentors, including a need to roam a large amount of territory and mark his every move. As a result, he's never been suited to in-home life. He needs more space, and he needs spaces humans won't be too terribly possessive about. That made him a poor choice for an adopter, so hubby and his then wife foster failed him.

When I met Jasper, he was an adult that was fairly set in his ways. And he wasn't at all sure about me or my overly friendly pug. But I resolved, as my husband did before me, to accept Jasper for who he is and to make him as comfortable as he can be.

Jasper resting on the hot tub

Jasper spends a lot of time resting on top of the hot tub in the back yard. But he has a shed that's all his own, filled with heated beds and bowls. And he has a dog house in the back yard he prefers to sleep in from time to time. We do try to corral him into the shed at night (no predators), but he's free during the day. And honestly, he doesn't go very far.

So welcome Jasper to the Sunday Selfie world! I think he did a nice job, don't you? Leave him a comment, and I'll be sure to read those to him.

And remember to visit the other blogs in the hop! It's a great way to make new friends and find out about other furries.


  1. Hi Jasper! Sounds like you have arrived where you need to be, and can have a great retiring life, if you want. I wish I had a hot tub and heated bed, I just get a duvet a set of toes to play with and a peep that snores! purrs ERin

  2. Jasper is a handsome boy and I am glad he is able to live life the way he wants with you.

  3. What a sweetheart! Sounds like he's found a wonderful life with you :)

  4. Mee-you Mistur Jasper Sir! It iss luvley tomeet you. Mee iss Purrince Siddharha Henry (mee goess by Dharth Henry) an mee was born inn a barn with mee 2 sibss an had sum trubble earlee on.
    Anyway mee found a pwsum home with LadyMum an mee just terned 2 years old. Yur a hansum mankat an mee not tink you are even 15. You have such golden eyess just like mee Pappaw King George....
    Mee iss happy to meet you an know you an wishess you all thee best...
    Sinseerlee, Dharth Henry =^,.^=

  5. Jasper did a fabulous job with his selfie!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Such a gorgeous boy, Jasper! Love your markings and so glad you found your forever home.

  7. Jasper is a handsome guy. Nice photos, congrats on winning a camera.

  8. So glad that Jasper has you! He's quite the handsome mancat.

  9. What a handsome older fellow...We are so glad you all found each other!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. We think your care of Jasper is perfection itself. Thank you for caring for a cat who is not an 'easy' option - he is gorgeous, and our cats are crowding around the computer wanting to know who the cool dude is!