Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tuxedo cat Sunday Selfies (and a little dog, too!)

Maggie the fluffy tuxedo cat

Last week, when I was working on my cat blog for Willamette Humane Society, I heard a potential adopter complaining about our kitty "selection." At the time, we had quite a few cats with tuxedo coat patterns. And according to this adopter, tuxedos just aren't all that interesting.

I was flabbergasted.

Apparently, I have quite a thing for tuxedos. After all, three of the animals in the menagerie have this coat pattern. I thought that I'd profile them all for this week's Sunday Selfie series, as hosted by The Cat On My Head.

Let's get started!

Maggie the fluffy cat

I set Maggie up for her photo shoot first. She's perched on the sill of an open window (her very favorite thing), but she is keeping an eye out for the pesky kitten who might join in to spoil her fun. Once I shut the door and she knew Fergus would stay out, she relaxed for her shoot.

Maggie the tuxedo cat

Maggie has pretty classic tuxedo markings, as she has the little white bib, white feet and white belly. She also has a little pom-pom of white on the very tip of her tail. And her nose is bright pink. Far from boring, wouldn't you say.

She shares many coloration attributes with Jasper, who was much more willing to participate in yesterday's photo shoot. It was hot, he's very old and he didn't feel like moving around all that much. Perfect for a photo shoot.

Jasper the cat

Jasper is about 5 years older than Maggie, and it shows. His fur is speckled with grey these days, which makes his tuxedo effect just a little bit blurred. But he has the black nose and lips shared by some tuxedos, and that makes him look a little more dapper. So I wouldn't say he's any less handsome than Maggie. He is quite distinguished.

Jasper the cat lyin gon his arms

He also poses quite nicely for selfies. Notice that he's got his arms tucked under his body. He looks a little like a melon.

Let's not forget that cats aren't the only ones that can wear tuxedos. There's another menagerie member who takes great selfies who is wearing a tuxedo. Yup, it's Sinead!

Sinead the Boston terrier

The Boston terrier breed has very strict standards concerning coat color and fur placement. Dogs with "classic" markings like Sinead have black bodies, white bellies, white feet and a white blaze up the top of the head and around the muzzle. Black lips and nose are required. Sinead fits the bill. And she poses so nicely for selfies.

Sinead the Boston terrier

I think I've proven that the tuxedo coat pattern is pretty far from boring. What do you think? Any other tuxedo fans out there? Leave me a note in the comments. Love to hear what you think.

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  1. Great selfies. Lovely tuxedos for the cats and the pouch. Happy Sunday!

  2. They are all cuties. I do think tux kitties are very pretty.

  3. I can't believe someone actually thinks that tuxies aren't interesting! So many different colors and styles ... we love them all. :)

    Great selfies by your sweet crew today. Happy Sunday!

  4. You are all very good looking tuxies. I hope the potential adopter didn't get a kitty if they are only going for the kitty looks.

    1. I'm happy to report that she left empty handed. (Well, not happy exactly. I do want to help kitties get out of the shelter. But you're right. She may not have been shopping for the right things.)

  5. Lovely interesting selfies this week guys.... A TUX is never boring or wanting of anything... We are just perfect in every way... like all cats! purrs ERin, Princess and proud wearer of the TUX

  6. That was a terribly thing for that person to say :( Tuxies are very special!

  7. Gorgeous tuxies (even the dog). Crazy people think black cats are bad luck - and saying tuxies aren't interesting sounds just as ridiculous.

  8. What beautimous tuxie selfies!!!

  9. All tuxedo Selfies are fabulous and never all :) Pawkisses for a happy tuxie day :) <3

  10. That's just crazy talk. Tuxedos are gorgeous kitties!

  11. Great selfies! We love tuxies!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie