Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: This cat is hot!

Popoki the cat is much too hot

The vast majority of the time, Popoki is a very dignified little office cat. She often looks a lot like this, with a straight back, perfectly aligned little front feet and wide-open exotic shorthair eyes. She keeps close watch over me as I work, and every time I peep up at her I am impressed by her quiet dignity.

Unless it's hot. Then she has no dignity at all.

Then she goes into pancake mode, like this.

Popoki the cat lying on her back on the floor

Note that the wheel of my chair is in the bottom corner of this photo. She's all sprawled out right beside my chair, with her belly exposed for all the world to see. She's probably catching a breeze off the open window near the chair, and I'd assume the floor is cool.

I, of course, tried to silently grab my camera for photos of this little cat hot mess. But she heard me.

Popoki the cat rolling over

She was trying to figure out where the sound came from and how worried about said sound she should be. Finally, she figured out it was me. And then the fun was all over.

Popoki the cat looking at me

This is the last shot I got before Popoki hopped up in disgust. She gave herself a long bath to soothe her crushed ego. Who says cats can't be embarrassed? She seems to have the whole thing mastered.

I'm hoping for cooler temperatures to come soon, but in the interim, I've set up the studio air conditioner. We may have no more belly expositions for awhile. But do tell me what you think of her skills in the comments. I'm sure she'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Love her pancake mode! But how dare you document it and share it with the world! :-)

  2. Yeah - that pancake rollover cracks me up! :-D
    We don't get much weather that's too hot, but during the one week in June tat we did, all the cats & dogs I look after were like that when I called to pick them up / feed them.

  3. Popoki's pancake mode is adorable! I can't blame her for being a bit lethargic in this hot summer weather. Those eyes say it all!

  4. I have to tell you - you have the cutest cat! And that last pic is my favorite of all of them... she's looking right at you saying "I"m hot and I want to roll around!". You got some great pics, I tried 5 minutes ago and everyone left the room. :)

  5. Look at that adorable belly and adorable face and adorable poses!

  6. Popoki is so dang cute sprawled out, but I still think she is totally dignified!Her face is irresistible. ♥

  7. Popoki, we think your pancake mode is adorable! Stay cool, okay?

  8. It has been pretty warm lately! I've been wetting Mr. N down and he's not fond of the process but he's cooler afterwards.