Monday, August 22, 2016

August 2016 BarkBox Review: Summertime treats and toys for dogs

Liam the pug with his shark toy

Liam the pug has a big smile on his face today because his BarkBox came! Yes, he has to share his spoils with his sister, but there's more than enough fun in this box to go around. (Note: this post does contain an affiliate link. That means clicking on the link and making a purchase generates revenue for me.)

Let's start with this dog toy Liam is clutching in his paws in the top photo. It's a shark clutching a surfboard between its jaws (adorable, right?), made by the BarkBox inhouse company. The surfboard seems frivolous, but it actually serves a pretty neat purpose. Little dogs like Sinead can struggle to get their teeth around the big toys that come in the shipments. This board gives her something to grab, and I know she appreciates that.

But meanwhile, she's been a little too busy playing with the other toy that came in the box.

This toy is made by one of my favorite pet companies: Pet Play. We have plenty of toys from this particular company, and I've always found them to be sturdy, well crafted and very interactive. This toy is no different.

On the surface, this just looks like a taco.

Liam the pug with his taco toy

It has a variety of different textures, from crinkly to soft to nubbly. So I knew the dogs would enjoy chewing on it. But then I looked a little closer and found another surprise. That outer layer of the taco comes off, and that lining can become a soft little disc that flies through the air. I anticipate many throwing sessions with the little dog when this toy is up and running.

There's only one downside that I can see. Taking off the outer layer exposes two small disks of Velcro. I'm a little worried about that scratching the dogs on their eyes and mouths.

Dog toy with Sinead in the background

But check out Sinead in the background. She really doesn't care about the Velcro part. She wants that toy! And I don't blame her.

In addition to toys, we got plenty of treats in this month's box.

Closeup of the BarkBox August 2016 shipment

The orange bag contains lamb and honey flavored snacks from a company I've never heard of. And it's funny, but I still can't quite puzzle out the name of that company. California style? Honest Love? Mountain Country Foods? The labeling isn't clear. But the ingredient list is simple, and the treats seem soft and easy to eat. I imagine these will be popular.

The blue bag contains a different type of treat from another new-to-me company: House of Pups. These treats are also soft, and they're made of whitefish. I anticipate that they'll be super stinky and super delicious for the dogs.

Finally, we also got a stick-type treat from a company called Smart n' Tasty. This is a very hard, pressed meat product that dogs might like to sit down and chew on. I will have to break it apart, so they won't gobble all of it at the same time, but that should be easy enough to do.

That's it for this month's shipment! If you'd like to see reviews of prior boxes, click here or here or here or here. And if you want to try your own BarkBox, use my code for a discount. And leave me a comment, so I'll know you were here!

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  1. What a great BarkBox! Sinead and Liam, you two are so lucky. That taco and shark are terrific. :)