Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Can a kitten eat too much? A Wordless Wednesday question

Fergus the kitten on his bed

Kittens like Fergus grow fast. One minute, they're small enough to sit inside the palm of your hand, and they rely on you for everything from feeding to cleaning to moving around. The next minute, they're walking, climbing and jumping. And the baby scale you used to measure their weight isn't big enough for their heads, much less their whole bodies.

All of this growth requires fuel. As a result, most experts say kittens should eat as much as they want to eat. I try to follow this plan, but sometimes, my little hedonistic kitten takes things a little too far. Case in point.

Very fat kitty lying on the bed

Fergus is whipped and fat here because he ate his first breakfast helping, followed by a second breakfast helping I provided. Then, he broke into his sister Maggie's room and polished off her only breakfast. That's a ton of food for a little kitty! And he spent a lot of the rest of the morning sleeping like this.

Fergus the kitten fast asleep

Cats aren't dogs, and unlike dogs, most cats will stop eating when they're full. But clearly, there are some kittens out there in the world that simply don't know when to push away from the table and stop with the chowing!

The solution: Offering smaller meals more frequently. At this point, I'd been feeding Fergus just 3 times per day. Clearly, when it was time for chow, he was so darn hungry that he binged. It didn't hurt him necessarily, but it can't have felt really wonderful.

Now, he gets meals 4-5 times per day, and sometimes, he gets a little snack in the middle of the night too. Those frequent meals help to give him the nourishment he needs, without leaving him looking like a beached whale.

That's better for everyone, right Fergus?

Fergus the kitten waking up from a nap

How often do you feed your critters? Leave me a note in the comments section, won't you?

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  1. Fergus, you are a beautfiul little dude! Glad to hear your human figured out the feeding style that is best for you. :)

  2. Bentley and Pierre eat twice a day with treats in between. They are pretty sure they are starving most of the time. I love that big belly photo. MOL! MOL!

  3. Your kitten is quite a character. It is amazing to me how each animal is unique with his or her own nature. I'm glad you found a way to feed Fergus and keep him from falling into a stupor.

  4. Fergus is such a cutie. I feed my cats twice a day with canned food and they get several small snacks of crunchies throughout the day and before bed. Sammy and Joanie will eat everything in their sight if possible.

  5. That is absolutely better for everyone! I think all animals wish for a second and third breakfast and since like you I'm home too all day for the most part - I love the idea of small meals. I think this help our senior that always tells me how hungry he is! What a sweet "starving" kitten pic!!

  6. That's one adorable belly - though imagine it wasn't so comfortable for Fergus!

  7. Fergus is so cute! I love that round little belly. Kittens do seem to lack that ability to know when they are full. My Dexter does the same thing. He will eat everything in sight. I think your idea will work great for helping Fergus maintain a healthy weight.

  8. Oh, Fergus, I feel the same when I overindulge! What a cutie!

    That's interesting! I thought pretty much all cats were on a "self-feeding" thing and just helped themselves when they were hungry and then stopped. (Rita could almost go on self-feeding. She's so picky! Some mornings she never finishes her breakfast. She's an odd doggy!)

  9. He's gorgeous. I also love his name. :)

    He looks sufficiently and happily plump after having several meals more than he normally does. :)