Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Little dog, big dog bed: Is your pup a sprawler?

Sinead the little dog in her very big dog bed

When you're shopping for dog beds, you're often encouraged to consider the weight of your pup and plan accordingly. Since Sinead is the smallest Boston terrier in the history of the universe at less than 8 pounds, she often gets beds that are made for cats. They're the only beds that seem sized appropriately for her.

But recently, I discovered that Sinead wants something different. She wants a bed made for a very large dog.

Sinead sitting in the corner of her dog bed

I snagged this bed off the sale table, and as you can see, it's absolutely huge when compared to Sinead. She only takes up a tiny corner of that bed, and she still has room for a toy (which came from BarkBox last month, and is also too big for her) and her blanket.

I would think this bed would be chilly for her, as she has all that space around her. And since she doesn't like to be cold, I would think she'd avoid this bed altogether.

Ahem. Not so.

Sinead the Boston terrier in her bed

She manages to utilize the too-big bed and the too-big toy in one shot, and she caps it off with a little stink eye for good measure. Well done, Sinead! But you'll also see how much room she has to stretch out here. Her toes are fully extended, both front and back. And she still has room to move.

This very-big bed has become her go-to napping spot during the day. And it might mean I need to get her much bigger beds in the future.

But in the interim, it looks like I need to stop taking photos of her. She declares this photo shoot done!

Sinead the sleepy Boston terrier

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And before you go, leave me a comment. Do your dogs and cats like big beds or snuggle small beds? I'd love to know where your cats fall on this spectrum!


  1. It's funny that Sinead wants a big bed because my big puppy sleeps in a tiny bed that she outgrew, but loves.

  2. Sinead, we love your big dog bed! It definitely looks like you know how to utilize it to the fullest. :)

  3. Haley is a sprawler too, just like Sinead. It's funny how they can stretch out and seem so long at times and I imagine it feels good to be able to do that, as well as curl up too. Haley sometimes sleeps half falling out of her bed, haha!

  4. Oh Sinead, you are SO CUTE and that big bed looks pretty comfy cozy. I

  5. This might be one of my favorite shoots you've posted! What I love is that the bed has "bumpers" which my dogs also love! In fact they only enjoy beds that have bumpers or walls for them to lie their heads on - and they also find corners anywhere they can - it's the spot on the couch they love to hang out on. I'm not at all stunned Sinead likes this big bed!!

  6. Sinead, it looks like you have plenty of room to get comfy in that big bed!

  7. Mr. N likes our bed the best. Does that count? Also another blogger and I are doing a meet-up in Portland in two weeks if you think you could make it! The 17th.

    1. I wish I could. I have to work that day, unfortunately. Do keep me in mind for future meets!