Monday, August 15, 2016

Looking for the perfect cat bed? Popoki suggests Dog Gone Smart

Popoki the cat in her bed

Popoki the cat really does think she's a dog. She plays with dog toys, tries to eat dog food and loves to spend her evenings on the deck while wearing her leash. If it has to do with dogs, she's all in. So it shouldn't surprise me that she would take over a post about a product I thought I'd review with the dogs. But I'll admit to a slight case of shock.

You see, a few weeks ago, the nice team from Dog Gone Smart asked me to look over their catalog and pick out a new bed to sample and review. I've been in the market for a new bed for tiny Boston terrier Sinead, so I chose a bed I thought she'd love and would look good against her fur.

But when the bed came and I pulled it out of the box, over came Popoki. And she really hasn't left that bed since.

On the one hand, I think this bed might be a little small for her. But on the other hand, I can totally see why she'd love this thing.

Popoki in her cat bed

DGS beds are packed with siliconized poly-fill, which means they're very soft and cushioned. And, that cushion is made to stand up to a great deal of napping and lounging without bunching up or moving around. Where some pet beds lose their bounce after a few days or they get lumpy and bumpy after repeated use, these beds are made to withstand the love without breaking down.

Popoki has a bit of joint pain from time to time, due to her early-in-life declaw surgery. She walks on her broken tip-toes all the time, and that puts extra pressure on her knees, back and shoulders. It's hard for her to get comfortable, and often, she fidgets. The extra cushion in this bed seems to soothe her, and when she gets comfortable, she stays put.

Popoki resting her chin on her cat bed

You'll notice that thick cushion carries all the way up the sides, which means Popoki can use the edges of this bed like a pillow for her little chin. Boy, does she love that!

In addition to the cushion, the inside of these beds have a special repellent, so they're designed to be water, dirt and stain resistant. I've seen the water part first-hand, as Popoki sometimes drools when she sleeps. None of that drool has soaked into her bed. I've also noticed that her bed still smells fresh and clean (not like cat food), so that repellent part does seem to block scent.

The one thing I would change about these beds involves the fabric. The company uses upholstery-grade fabrics which are made to stand up to heavy use. But the beds don't come in any kind of pattern, and that means they can show a great deal of hair after heavy use. I'm planning to post some more shots of Popoki in this bed on Sunday, and you'll see what I mean. There's a lot of hair there.

But, the beds do clean up very quickly with a cat brush or a vacuum. If I wipe the fabric down once per week or so, everything should be fine. But, a pattern would work just as well (hint, hint).

Dog Gone Smart makes plenty of other products, including dog jackets, dog leashes and create pads. If all of their products are as well made as this bed, I'm prepared to be a rabid fan. This is one of the best-made dog beds I've ever seen, and I enthusiastically recommend it.

You can get a bed like this at plenty of small pet product retailers. There are three or so near me, for example, and I don't live in a major metropolitan area. You can also shop online for products. I encourage you to do so.

What do you think of Popoki in her bed? Love to hear your comments. Leave me a note before you go, won't you?

Disclaimer: I was sent this pet bed to try in return for an honest review. No money changed hands, and all opinions are my own. 

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