Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Making your cat happy with a catio

Popoki the cat watching birds in her catio

Last week was a big week for kitty cat Popoki. Construction on her catio was complete on Wednesday, and Thursday morning, she was able to head outside for the first time in a year without the use of a harness or leash.

Since Popoki was a rescue (and her first family gave little information about her when they turned her in to rescue), I don't know much about her past. But I suspect that she was allowed outside at some point, given her nearly desperate attempts to get back out there.

I thought she might like a catio. I had no idea she would love it.

Popoki the cat in her catio

Popoki tends to be a lazy sort of kitty that spends a lot of time loafing around in one bed or another. She uses her catio for those activities. I keep catching her rolling over on her back and then flipping back to the front, over and over again, as though she's just so relaxed now that she can be out in the cool and unprocessed air.

But the catio has also unleashed a bit of a silly side in her. She's been running at top speed from the catio to the studio and back again, doing these weird little high kicks in the middle of the journey (I think the bunny people call these "binkies").

She's also been playing with bits of dirt and lint in the catio, and she surprised me with a Halloween kitty sideways stalking maneuver I've never seen an adult cat perform.

Popoki the cat looks thoughtful in her catio

Since the weather here remains unseasonably hot, I can only have the catio open for a few hours each day. Popoki's flat face makes her vulnerable to overheating, and the glass doors that lead to the catio tend to trap and magnify heat. At noon, I need to call her in. And she always looks so disappointed.

But it makes me so happy to think that the next morning, I can open up those doors again and make this kitty happy enough to start dancing. Isn't that what all cat people want--to make their cats happy?

Popoki the cat in her catio

How does she look? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


  1. She looks totally content!! I love it, what a great job. We had a screen porch at our old house and our cat Samantha loved it. Then my hubby insisted on making the porch into a 3 season porch without as many screens, and Sam never went out there anymore. :(

  2. I am glad to see her so happy with her catio.

  3. What an adorable cat you have, and she has such a sweet face ! I can imagine that she loves her patio ! My cats have a cat flap and go in and out when they want.

  4. She really looks happy! I would also love to build a catio for my cat, but I don't have an outdoor space. So he has to settle for the balcony.

  5. That is so wonderful! Popoki looks totally content and happy, and we love your descriptions of her enjoying her catio. :)

  6. Nice! My sis just repainted and re-screened her catio.

  7. How wonderful! My cats love their catio too.