Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pet supervisors: When your coworkers have fur

Liam the pug and Sinead the Boston terrier on their bed

These two sweet dog faces peep up at me throughout each and every work day. I work from home, and while I remain in close contact with my colleagues in the home office, the only breathing creatures I have near me all day long are covered in fur, and that has its good parts and its bad parts.

The dogs, for example, remind me to take life easy. They sleep a lot throughout the day, and since they're both snub-nosed, they breathe pretty loudly when they're asleep. If I find myself getting worried about a deadline, pegging my breathing to theirs will calm me down. And if I need to burn off energy after a meeting, throwing the ball for them a time or two usually does the trick.

But the dogs also come with telecommute risks. This guy, in particular, can be a little problematic.

Liam the pug on his bed

He's a fairly quiet pug, but his eyesight isn't quite up to snuff. And sometimes, he sees shadows or phantoms outside that he simply must vanquish. So he barks. And when he's barking, he can't hear me telling him to stop. So, as a proactive move, he has to head outside before conference calls and client interactions. I don't think he minds the breaks, thankfully.

And then there's this one.

Popoki the cat in the office

I'm convinced that every office should have a cat. There's nothing quite like a little pile of purring fur to help you remain calm and collected, even when you're dealing with a complex and tangled work problem. Popoki spends a great deal of time on my lap every day, and she really does help me to think. I know that having her around is a boon for my clients, as the work I do with her is likely much better than the work I might do without her.

But, she has been known to walk across, sleep on or otherwise fuss with my technology from time to time. She hasn't yet dialed the phone or sent and email, but I think she's trying.

Popoki the cat likes to help in the office

One of the main benefits of working from home is the added time one gets to spend with pets. And that's time I wouldn't trade. Sure, it takes a few adjustments and amendments. But the benefits I get are amazing. It's well worth the effort, I'd say.

Any of you telecommuters out there want to chime in? Love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I also work from home and I love having my pets near! It can be a little awkward when I'm on a conference call and Eddie starts barking, but that's okay! :-)

  2. me too! I'm literally just about to leave and walk all the dogs before the heat gets crazy hot. I'm SO grateful I get to hang out with them in my office all day and then spend some time cuddling in the window when I need breaks!

  3. My husband works from home and sends me photos of him and the kitties throughout the day. He loves it because he has a tendency to get stressed out easily and definitely needs the reminder to sit back and relax, which is exactly what the kitties do. :)

  4. Oh, I would absolutely love to work from home! Ruby doesn't ever bark so that wouldn't be a problem. But like you I do have a cat who likes to walk across the computer keyboard - in fact I think she thinks it is a treadmill because she often walks back and forth over and over.

  5. That's the best group of co-workers I've ever seen! There's nothing like working from home, especially with furry ones, lol.

  6. I'd love to work from home more often. I love having Gracie and Zoe curled up next to me as I work! If they were traveling cats, I'd participate in "Bring Your Cat to Work Day" for sure. :)

  7. I telecommuted for many years and it was pawesome! I loved hanging out with the dog, and having her there to help with my stress level was great. She wasn't much of a barker, so I wouldn't usually put her out, and often had conf. calls on mute anyway, but every once in a while a delivery would come to the door and she'd bark while I was trying to speak - so embarrassing!

  8. I would rather work with pets than people any time :)