Monday, August 29, 2016

Songs for Dogs: A review of a CD of music made for dogs

Sinead the Boston terrier and her CD

When I came home from BlogPaws a few weeks ago, my suitcase was simply stuffed with all sorts of products for dogs, along with quite a few products for cats. I've been reviewing them a little at a time (a few prior reviews of BlogPaws products are here and here), and this week, a CD popped to the top of my review list.

This is a CD from Songs for Dogs that is designed, the manufacturers say, to appeal to dogs. Apparently, the team dove into the research to determine what sorts of sounds dogs could hear, along with what sorts of sounds they tend to find either appealing or stimulating.

They hoped to create a CD that was full of sounds dogs might like and respond to, so those dogs would have an engaged mind and a soothed soul when their people left them alone for work or play. The CD could, they claim, help to reduce separation anxiety.

Liam the pug listening to music

My dogs are rarely left alone, as I work from home and I take the dogs with me when I go on vacation. But there are times when I have to dash off somewhere and they can't come. They don't seem to mind my absences overmuch, but the idea that this specific music could help them appealed to me.

So today, I cracked open that CD and gave it a whirl.

The music is, on the surface, a sort of light and folksy form of pop. There's a singer covering dog-type topics, such as going to the veterinarian or going for a walk, and a lot of the lyrics have to do with a person leaving a dog but coming right on back again.

So far, so okay.

Sinead the Boston terrier listening to music

But unfortunately, the music also contains things like barking. There are noises that sound like collars being jingled or keys being rattled. Sometimes, there are sounds that remind me of babies crying. My dogs were definitely listening to these sounds, but I can't say that they liked them.

Check out Sinead here. Here ears are close to being pinned to her head, and she's got a bit of a whale-eye thing going on. She's looking right at the speakers, and a few seconds after I snapped this photo, she started barking.

When I jumped up to take the CD out of the case and pet Liam (who had also been barking), I turned around and saw this.

Dog chewed on the edge of the case

Sinead had been chewing on that CD case, and notice that she's back to staring at the speakers. She was also doing a little growling at this point.

Separation anxiety symptoms typically include vocalization and property destruction. My dogs never show these signs when I'm gone. But they showed them when I played a CD meant to reduce separation anxiety symptoms.

It makes no sense.

I'm perfectly willing to concede that my dogs are just a little on the weird side and that they might not like things other dogs would like a lot. But for me, this product falls a little short of the mark. If I need to leave my dogs home alone, I'll stick with the classics: Miles, Coltrane and Dizzy.

If you'd like to see how your own dogs would do with this product, check out the manufacturer's website. Head to this page, click on that sample button and watch your own dogs. Maybe they'll love it. If they do, let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is a review of a product I received as a free sample as an attendee of BlogPaws. No compensation changed hands. All opinions are my own.


  1. That's hysterical. I am sure Ruby would have reacted the same way. She's a bit on the odd side, too.