Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday cat selfie: Popoki decorates her bed with fur

Faithful readers of the cat blog might recognize this bed. Although it might look a little different now than it once did. Earlier this week, I wrote a review of this bed that is designed for dogs. And in that review, I mentioned that Popoki decided that the little bed was hers. Since then, she really hasn't gotten up from her bed.

Some of her obsession is my fault. I put her bed in a spot where she spends a lot of time--my rocking chair in my writing office. I put the bed down on that spot to photograph it, and up she hopped.

Popoki the cat in her bed

I should mention that it's been well over 100 degrees in Oregon lately. Even though this room is air conditioned, the air can get warm. And that means Popoki is a shedding machine. The bed is no longer pristine and red. It is absolutely packed with hair. Look closely.

Grey cat in red bed

The takeaway? Get dog beds that coordinate with your cat's coloring. Because, chances are, the cat is going to sleep in that dog bed, no matter what you do!

And meanwhile, I'm pretty happy. In the past, I couldn't sit in that chair, because it was all covered in hair. Now, when I want to sit down, I can just move the bed and sit on the clean surface below. Win-win!

And soon, Popoki may have a new place to sleep.

Framing for Popoki's catio

Those are the frames for Popoki's catio! It's getting closer and closer every day. I hope to introduce it to you this week. Check back!

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  1. That is a lovely selfie, Popoki. You are doing a good job of decorating your bed.

  2. I guess she is shedding :) She looks comfy though.

  3. Popoki seems to have the right spot for todays fab selfie, hair or not, if it works, nap on it I say. Looking forwards to seeing the progress next week on the catio. purrs ERin

  4. That looks like a great place to sleep in, Popoki and who cares about a little hair, it looks even cozier :D Pawkisses for a Happy Day :) <3

  5. Popoki your decorating is purrfect! Hope your new catio is fun. That bed is a great idea so you can be close to Mom and keep your furs close too :)

  6. Oh yes, we use fur to decorate over here too.