Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Boston terriers and their grass obsession

Sinead sleeping on the dry grass

I have yet to meet a Boston terrier that didn't love grass. And Sinead is no exception. Whether it's grass that's green and lush from cool and wet spring weather or grass (like this) that's yellow and parched from summer's heat--it doesn't matter to her. If it's grass, it's a spot that's made for napping.

But Sinead has several steps that she must go through before she can hit this moment of sloth bliss. And she follows those steps faithfully, every time she heads outside for a little grass therapy.

Step one: Find the perfect spot

Sinead is a very tiny Boston terrier, so my residential neighborhood yard could, in theory, provide her with 100s of napping spaces. She won't be content with the first bit of grass that hits her paws. She has to set out and find the perfect spot.

Sinead walking through the back yard

Step two: Flop down and start rolling

Grass is spiky, and all of those little barbs have the potential to poke Sinead in the eyes or in the flanks. So before she'll rest, she has to smooth that grass down. A typical dog would do that by circling around on its feet. Sinead goes for a more efficient method.

Sinead rolling on her back in the grass

Step three: Keep on rolling

Have I mentioned how important this rolling thing is? It's very important. It can't be rushed.

Sinead rolling in the grass

Step four: Obtain camouflage

Periodically, during the rolling, Sinead has to get up to prove that she has grass on her back. She'll even peep over her shoulder to make sure it's there. Why this is important, I'm not sure. But she sure thinks it is.

Sinead with grass on her back

With all of these steps completed, Sinead can rest for about 2 minutes. Then, it's time to start over again. Not much of a nap, right? But it makes her happy.

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  1. Sinead is so adorable! She certainly does love that grass. We especially enjoyed the flop down and start rolling part!

  2. Hailey must be part Boston as she does the same thing!

  3. Too cute! I've even known cats that love rolling around in the grass like that :)

  4. Grass rolling! Oh I could upload so many pics of our dog Shermie doing this. Everytime we get over to Gabriel Park that's pretty much all he does for the first 20 minutes. As it pours rain I'm getting depressed about the dry grass pics on your post!

  5. That is hilarious! Pierre loves to roll too. His fur is like Velcro though. Ugh! LOL!

  6. Very cute! Ruby is not much into grass, but she does like to keep on rolling on the couch.

  7. Haha, Sinead has those steps down! For us, there's also a Step 5 - Brushing off all those grass clippings on before coming inside. ;)