Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cat grass benefits: It's tasty and pretty!

Popoki the cat in front of her cat grass

Popoki the cat was gracious enough to pose for her Sunday Selfie this week without the need for much coaxing. I just knew that her fans from The Cat On My Head would love this shot of her in her catio, as the natural light makes the color of her eyes stand out. (And it makes other details stand out too, like her wet chin. Every time she gets a drink of water, that chin gets sopping wet!)

Anyway, when I was prepping this photo to share in the Sunday Selfie series, I noticed something else I've been meaning to discuss: Popoki's cat grass!

A catio isn't much of a cozy space without one or two plants, but anything I put out there has to be safe for Popoki to chew. Cat grass fits the bill quite nicely. The product I'm using, made by a subsidiary of OurPets, contains barley, oats and wheat seeds. All of these seeds are safe for kitty consumption. And the grass is a great source of niacin and B vitamins.

These seeds also grow really quickly. I planted a week or so ago, and the grass is already really tall!

Cat grass in a pot

Popoki likes to lick the water off the leaves, and she likes to watch the blades rustle in the sunshine. But she is very gentle with the leaves. So I'm using the catio as a sort of incubator for another little kitty that really needs cat grass.

Who is that cat? And why does he need grass, you ask?

Lemme show you.

Fergus the kitten eating a plant

Yes, that's Fergus the kitten making a light snack out of my Christmas cactus. Not good. I figured that he'd like to eat some kind of plant, since he likes this cactus so much. By providing him with grass, I might be able to keep him away from the plants I'd like to protect.

So the catio is his snack incubator. I don't think Popoki minds.

But for now, I need to stop taking her photo. I think I'm interrupting her bird watching!

Popoki the cat watching birds

Do you grow cat grass for your felines? Shoot me a note in the comments and let me know.

Thanks as always to our fabulous hosts!

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  1. Popoki has such beautiful eyes... and her wet chin just makes her more adorable. Hope we didn't disturb her bird TV too much. Fergus is a cutie. Hope to see some photos of him liking the mew cat grass.

    We haven't grown any cat grass, yet we are looking fur a good brand to try. Our Pets looks like a winner. Checked the website and we should be able to get it at PetsMart. Will check out our local store and see if they have any. -Purrz, Katie Kat

  2. We always love seeing beautiful Popoki. How nice that she AND Fergus will benefit from that awesome cat grass. :)

  3. Popoki has such a lovely face and so endearing a smile I didn't even see her wet chin. I have never tried cat grass, I do feel I am missing out as that looks really yummy. I do have lots of other grass I can chew on around the Palace, but somehow yours looks way more inviting. Have a wonderful week. purrs ERin

  4. Your kitties are beautiful. I do grow grass for them once in a while, but it doesn't last long. I keep all my plants in the dining room which is closed off to the cats.

  5. That is a beautiful selfie. I eat my grass from the garden, but cat grass sounds tasty.

  6. We never grew it, mind you I can't grow things:)

  7. What a sweet face ! My cats go in and out like they want and of course they eat grass ! I call them my little cows !

  8. Lovely selfie!

    Athena loves her kitty grass!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. Oh she IS a beauty isn't she :-) * melts *