Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dog treat review: Rocco and Roxie Supply Company

Sinead the Boston terrier and her treats

True story: Sinead the Boston terrier loves the cocktail hour. Why, you ask? Because when the humans get sips, she gets sticks. It's a new tradition I unveiled this summer, and I've had a whole lot of help from a very cool company I met at BlogPaws (who sent me home with samples!). Today, I'd like to tell you more about them.

This company, Rocco and Roxie Supply Company, is a small family-owned business located right in the heart of Utah. Their philosophy is pretty simple: They think dog treats should have no tricks. That means no fillers, no weird preservatives and no strange meats. They want the treats to be good enough for humans to eat and safe enough for dogs to eat. Based on what I've seen so far, they've achieved these pretty lofty goals.

Liam and Sinead have been snacking on these jerky sticks for much of the summer, and they absolutely adore them. The sticks are soft and pliant, so they can chew them easily without a lot of work. And let me tell you: They smell amazing. Hubby and I are often commenting on how our mouths water when we open the bag. That's not something you can say about a lot of treats.

Sinead the Boston terrier barking

Sinead will even do tricks for these sticks, which is a little rare. Often, she prefers to simply wait for me to give up and give her something for nothing. But here, she's throwing out a "speak" because she can smell the treats. Pretty epic, if you ask me.

The sticks have fewer than 10 ingredients, and every flavor I've tried is mostly meat. The first ingredient is meat. There's a little salt and spice in there, but nothing alarming.

In addition to the sticks, we also tried a bag of liver treats. When I got this bag, I expected the treats to be dehydrated and soft, as are most liver products. I was pretty surprised to see this in the bag instead.

Closeup of a dog treat

(Yes, that's Fergus in the background trying to get treats out of the treat jar. Bad kitten!)

These liver pieces are smoked, rather than dehydrated, and it seems as though they were pressed before smoking. So they're really hard and crispy. Hubby and I decided that the dogs sound like they're eating Tic Tacs when they crunch these things.

I've been using these treats on walks, and my only real complaint concerns their size. I wish they were broken apart before they came. It's hard as anything to break these big pieces into appropriate sizes for very small dogs--unless I use a hammer.

But again, the ingredient list is just remarkable. The only ingredient listed is beef liver. And they smell really wonderful, like smokey goodness.

These treats are available online. And don't let the price scare you off. These bags are very generous and packed to the gills. One bag lasts me for well more than a month with my two dogs.

What do you think of these treats? Would you use them? Leave me a note and let me know.

Disclaimer: I was given sample treats to try as a participant at the BlogPaws conference. No money changed hands for this review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. I don't have a dog, but if the cat treats were that hard to break I would not feed them to the cats.

    1. My pair has wonderfully strong jaws, so they have no problem breaking these things apart. But I do watch them carefully while they gnaw. (And I wish my hands were as strong as their mouths!)

  2. Wow look at Sinead's adorable face! :D Really brightened up my day! <3 And the treat looks interesting but sounds like it's gonna be good! :) Also love the cat's special appearance! ;)

  3. Love the pictures today, so CUTE!

    We think the treats look great, and we love that there is only one ingredient - we agree with you though about the size, they really need to be bite sized morsels!


    Basil & Co xox