Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dogs and flowers: A perfect Wordless Wednesday combination

Liam the pug with his flowers

Now that the blistering heat of the summer is past, the dogs and my flowers can truly thrive. My snub-nosed pug and even snubbier Boston terrier just couldn't handle the 100 degree temperatures we had in August, and many of my flowers burned to an absolute crisp in the relentless sunshine we had every day. Now, everything has healed up a little and I thought it might be fun to walk through the yard and show you what's been growing and blooming on this BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday.

Here's a closeup of that flower behind Liam the pug. It's a dahlia, and fall is its time to shine. I've heard it said that dahlias simply cannot grow in pots, but clearly, that's not the case. They need deep pots, and they need plenty of water. But they can grow and thrive in a pot environment. That's good too, as dog pee will absolutely kill the blossoms on these plants. Pots keep them out of the pee range.

Pretty red and white rose

I'm a self-professed rose freak, and this Rock and Roll rose in the back yard is a real showstopper. It's a floribunda rose, so it grows incredibly tall with dense clusters of flowers. And this particular rose has been bred for health, so the leaves remain glossy and shiny without a speck of mildew.

Tall and yellow rose

Up front, I have this pretty Marilyn Monroe rose. I planted it in front, in part, because of the nasty thorns on this plant. I've never seen a rose with this many thorns in my entire life, and while my backyard roses are in a planter that's up off the ground (photos here), I worried about what would happen if the dogs hopped up to check out a plant and got poked by this girl. So she's in the front yard. Doing nicely, too!

Dusky pink hydrangea

This pretty plant struggled with the sun, and it's showing some colors right now that I don't usually see until late October. It's a Strawberry Sundae hydrangea that moves from white to pink to dusky rose as the season progresses. It's all dusky rose now, and while it's early, it's still pretty.

SInead the Boston terrier in the sunshine

Thanks for taking the tour with me! Be sure to leave me a note, so I'll know you were here. And be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop! You'll be glad you did.


  1. As you know, I'm a Dahlias freak! I also didn't know they can grow in pots and have never bothered to try. I don't have a green thumb so now I'm inspired -- Liam looks very happy here :)

  2. Lovely <3 most roses thrive in the heat. Woofs from SUGAR

  3. So pretty! I love dahlias and roses, but I'm a terrible gardener! The only thing I can really grow are succulents, cuz they're easy-peasy. I even killed a cactus once!

  4. Jean, it was such a pleasure taking the blooming tour with you. All of your flowers are just gorgeous! I tried a tropical hibiscus for the first time this year and I can't wait to get more next spring. That purple and white dahlia is my favorite!

  5. Dahlias and roses are two of our favorite flowers. Yours are so beautiful! And Liam and Sinead sure are cute, as always. :)

  6. MY spider lilies have begun popping up all over the back yard. I do love roses but have never tried to grow them. Did you see my post on the American Rose Center? It is n my city. ☺

  7. Hi Jean, thank you for your comment on Cole's passing. It's been devastating to me. I am not okay yet. He got anal gland cancer and the tumors grew quickly and blocked him. Other that that he was strong and wanted to live. He was so strong. He was my son.
    On a better note, I am so glad to hear Sinead is healing and happy. She looks great. Yea!

  8. Beautiful roses you have in there and it's nice to know you considered where to plant them so your dogs won't find themselves in a thorny situation.