Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday pet selfies: All the dogs and cats in the menagerie

Fergus the kitten with his toys

Since last week's Sunday Selfie was a remembrance in honor of Rainbow Bridge day, it focused on the animals that have left the menagerie over the last year. It was an important post to me, and it felt wonderful to talk about all of the kitties I lost. I do feel better.

But it was more than a little sad.

So this week, I thought I'd do a series of selfies of all the animals that are alive and well here, moving from the youngest members to the oldest.

So Fergus here is kicking things off. You'll see that he's got his mischievous face on, as I snapped this photo about an hour before he's scheduled to eat his dinner. This is the witching hour in which he's most likely to eat plants, tackle his siblings, run randomly from room to room and otherwise behave like a kitten. So let's allow him to get back to it, okay?

Popoki the cat in her bed

Next up, on the opposite side of the energy spectrum, is 2yo Popoki chillaxing in her bed on top of the human rocking chair. She had a very long, very busy day of spectacular bird watching in her catio, and it absolutely wore her out. Be sure to stop by on Tuesday. I have some birdie shots to share!

Sinead the Boston terrier in her bed

Guess who else loves bird watching from the catio? Yup, it's 3yo Sinead the Boston terrier. In reality, she likes sleeping in the soft cat bed in the sunny catio (especially if she can kick the cat out of that bed and feel a little surge of power), but I let her and Popoki work that out. Sisters squabble, I tell myself. And that bed is pretty awesome. I might be tempted to fight for it myself.

Lucy the blind cat on her bed

Speaking of soft beds, Lucy the 8yo blind cat scored a new one this week. It's a soft fleece-based thing that hubby put down on the floor next to his computer desk in the basement. Lucy no longer likes confining beds with high sides, but she does like to sit on something that seems like a bed, and hubby wanted her to sit with him as he computes. This bed did the trick. Lucy and hubby spend a lot of time together these days. She's always considered him HER boyfriend, so this makes me really happy. It's yet another sign that moving her to the basement was the right decision.

Liam the pug with the grey chin

Next up is 9yo Liam, the expert modeling pug. He's been working on this blog with me from the very beginning, and by now, he's become an absolute pro at finding a pose, sticking it and staring at the camera. He really is a photographer's dream. His is looking whiter and whiter around his lips with every shot I take, but I just can't get enough of those big brown eyes of his. Such a love.

Maggie the cat posing for her selfie

Here's 12yo Maggie in her favorite spot in the bathroom window. She has a great view of the bird feeders from this perch (which she loves) and she is up a little higher than kitten Fergus can reach in one bound. She continues to give the kitten a pass for his bad behaviors, which means he spends quite a bit of time stalking her and pouncing on her. She tolerates it, but I think she likes a little peace from time to time as well. She can find that peace here on her perch. 

Jasper the cat in his selfie

And finally, 15yo Jasper. He's moving a little slower these days, but he remains as loving and cheerful as ever. Hubby, the dogs and I have spent as much time as we can outside this summer, so we can love him and pet him and cuddle him. He is so responsive to attention, and he makes a wonderful barbecue companion. He's even been nice to Popoki when she's been out on her leash, which is quite a thing to see.

So that's the current crew! Thanks, as always, to our hosts at The Cat On My Head for giving us the opportunity to share some smiles.

Please leave me a comment, so I'll know you were here. And, as always, be sure to check out the other blogs in the hop. There's some good stuff this week!


  1. Fantastic selfies all of you! I don't know that I've met all of you before - so I was glad to get the opportunity.

  2. Lovely selfies from all your fur family members.

  3. Enjoyed your selfies, guys! Fergus, isn't that wooden surface a little hard for you? Now we prefer soft cushions...

  4. I love all these pictures, but especially the one of Sinead! She really looks like she's up to something. Very cute.

  5. That is some nice looking family! Maggie reminds me of Mr. Puddy.

  6. I never quite realized how big the family was, and it's so lovely to see everyone gets on, in their own way. Have a great week. purrs ERin

  7. What a beautiful family! Mommy is going to message you about a post on our blog.

  8. A house full of cuteness and excellent Selfie takers :D Lovely! Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

  9. All of you take great selfies!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  10. What a wonderful crew! I really enjoyed reading about each one and each picture captures their cute faces & expressions perfectly.