Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Cat and dog teamwork

Sinead the Boston terrier in the sun

When I told Sinead the Boston terrier that today was her day to pose for photos for the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday post, you can see she wasn't too excited about it. The day was warm, the sun was out and she wanted to take a nap (not pose for photos in front of the fancy camera).

Thankfully, she had a helper who was all too willing to step in. Jasper the cat knows that most photo sessions end with a round of treats, and he wanted those treats. So when Sinead gave up, he stepped up to the plate.

Sinead and Jasper sharing a porch

Notice that he's looking at her like she is absolutely crazy. He just can't understand why anyone, anywhere would miss out on the opportunity to eat some tasty treats.

And he decided to start working the camera so he could get some of those treats.

Jasper the cat posing for photos

He's nailed the pose, all right. And you can see that Sinead just got a really good idea burning in the back of her mind. See the little wheels turning?

Jasper the cat all alone

Yup, she abandoned the shoot and let Jasper have all of the treats and photos. I guess I need to upgrade to better snacks, if I want to keep her around!

What do you think of their teamwork? Leave me a note in the comments and let me know.

Want to see a better snap of Sinead? She also participated in Spencer the Goldendoodle's paw-ty today! Head over to the paw-ty page to see her cute mug in action (and tell Spencer that Sinead sent you!).

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  1. Ha ha ha, our little Keani really dislikes getting his picture taken; getting a photo of him looking at the camera is extremely rare - usually it's a scrunchy face or he turns his head away the moment you approach him. Khydn was okay with photos, and then I guess he got tired of them after the two-thousandth one. Eoberon just doesn't see the point of staying still for one. *Grins* Sinead and Jasper certainly do work together well!

  2. That's good teamwork. Rita's not a huge fan of posing either - maybe I need to upgrade the treat rewards too. :)

  3. Great teamwork! Sounds like it was win for Jasper, in the end. :)

  4. I love teamwork - and our dogs are great co-pilots most of the time but I'm so envious as you have cat and dog partners! We wish we would have brought a cat into the house first and now it's too late as the dogs wouldn't tolerate a "sibling" in cat form which is too bad!

  5. Great teamwork! Maybe Mr. N needs a partner!

  6. I think they did a great job, such cuties.